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NKU alumnus Luke Kues

Luke Kues is a 2021 NKU graduate with dual degrees in biology and
psychology. He received the Paul J. Sipes Award for outstanding
leadership and service.


True Community training

True Community provides free or low-cost training in life-saving skills including CPR. The focus is on under-served and communities with a high proportion of under-represented groups.


True Community Founder Luke Kues

Luke Kues is Executive Director of True Community, a non-profit he founded while still a student at NKU.

Luke Kues didn’t wait for graduation to achieve his personal and professional goals. By the time he graduated from NKU in May 2021 with a double major in biology and psychology, Luke was already serving as Executive Director of a non-profit he founded to create a “wellness revolution.” Luke named it True Community to emphasize its holistic approach.

“The priorities are wellness in the individual and in the community,” he explained. The chance of receiving life-saving CPR in the Black community is only 18%, so True Community focused on providing free or reduced cost trainings in CPR, first aid and the use of AEDs (Automatic External Defibrillators). Since its formation, True Community has completed over 5,000 trainings. Nearly half of those trainings occurred while Luke was still an NKU student.

At NKU, Luke never stopped looking for new opportunities to get involved. He worked with LAMP (Latinos Avanzando Mentorship Program) and NKU ROCKS (Responsibility, Opportunity, Community, Knowledge and Success) to support students from under-represented groups. He worked with the Student Government Association to advocate for important enhancements in Health, Counseling and Student Wellness.

That incredible track record in academics and leadership earned Luke the Paul J. Sipes award as “an outstanding senior student who displays the personal qualities of honesty, character, and industry and who has actively participated in community affairs.”

“NKU formed me into who I am. Many parts were challenging. I struggled with depression and working to understand my purpose.  So many people really cared about wanting to see me grow. I loved the person I became as part of my NKU experience.”

The seeds Luke planted while an NKU student have taken root and spread. Working with students at UC, Miami and Xavier, True Community grew to include 15 training centers throughout the Midwest and South with plans to expand to the East coast. In addition to life-saving skills, True Community also offers a 6-week Wellness Accelerator program. Luke said his own experience taught him that the health of one individual has direct impacts on the health of the community.

"If you look at a tree above the surface, you see an individual, but below the surface every single tree in a forest is connected. When a single tree is doing well, it sends nutrients to uplift the trees around it. This simple lesson from nature shows the power of a true community."