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Students who have completed the initial science courses in their program of study in the Biology department are assigned a faculty mentor.  You, the student, will still meet with your academic advisor (Lynn Crane or Heleen Giesbers) each semester to go over your education plan, schedule your classes, and discuss any other topics related to your academic progress.  During the advising meeting, your advising hold will be lifted.

Your faculty mentor is the content and profession expert who is assigned to you based on your specific major and future education or career interests.  Faculty mentors will be able to discuss and provide resources such as recommendations for upper level course work (juniors and seniors are strongly encouraged to review their planned schedules with their mentor before Priority Registration), undergraduate research, internships, volunteer activities, and the path to graduate and professional schools.  Faculty mentors may also help with reviewing resumes, personal statements, interview tips, and preparation for your next step after graduation. The purpose of having both an advisor and a mentor is to provide you with two unique resources as you progress through your major.” 

One of the main goals of our Advising & Mentoring model is to make sure our students feel supported academically and professionally and get the specialized guidance they need to foster their future success.