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Being new to the college setting, a STEM major, and/or getting involved on campus can seem overwhelming. Your STEM Peer Mentors have been there and want to share their friendship and wisdom with YOU! Get connected with a STEM Peer Mentor today to:

  • instantly make friends in NKU's STEM community,
  • get help and advice with all things college-related,
  • stay informed about STEM events, research opportunities, and more!
Making your college experience a memorable one has never been easier. Learn more about the mentors below and...

Thank you to our Fall 2022 STEM Peer Mentors!

Check back later to meet the spring 2023 mentors.

Bikash Acharya, Fall 2022 STEM Peer Mentor
Bikash Acharya
Computer Science

About Bikash

Major: Computer Science

Year: Sophomore

Hometown: Arghakhanchi, Nepal

About Me: I am an international student from Nepal. I enjoy going on hikes, observing dark night sky, and travelling. Oh, I absolutely love playing cricket. So, if you want to play Cricket, let me know. We can have a lot of fun. I also love sharing what I have learned and have been working with the Learning Center at NKU as a Plus-Tutor.

Why I Chose NKU: I love the small class size at NKU and the diversity that NKU has. The research opportunities that even a freshmen can get at NKU was something that attracted me towards choosing NKU. And it has been the best decision that I have ever taken so far. NKU feels like home.

Why I Chose My Major: I took a few programming classes in my freshmen year. I loved writing programs. I was intrigued by how we can write problems we see in our daily life in terms of code. I felt like exploring more within this field and that was when I decided to choose my major as Computer Science. Career Goals: I would love to work as a software engineer. After getting some experience in this field, I would love to open my own software engineering firm.

Interesting Fact: I am fluent in 4 languages, and I love growing plants.

Advice to Freshmen: Never be afraid to ask questions.

Natalie Creech, Fall 2022 STEM Peer Mentor
Natalie Creech

About Natalie

Major: Biochemistry

Year: Sophomore

Hometown: Hebron, Kentucky

About Me: I have grown up in the Northern Kentucky area my entire life. I enjoy traveling and trying new things. I am also really interested in skincare, music, and art.

Why I Chose NKU: NKU has an excellent chemistry program and would allow me to build connections with my professors in a way that a larger school may not. NKU was also the smartest choice for me financially.

Why I Chose My Major: With my interest in skincare, formulation, and the skin, chemistry ended up being the perfect choice to pursue my future academic and career goals.

My Career Goals: I would like to go to medical school and specialize in dermatology. However, if for whatever reason I decide that medical school is not for me, then I would like to go into product development and formulation of skincare and cosmetics.

Interesting Facts: I am eligible for dual citizenship in the UK. I have a precious pug and hope to get another soon. I went to my first ever concert this summer. I have traveled internationally more than I have nationally.

Advice to Freshmen: At first everything about college seems incredibly intimidating, but if you stick with it, persevere, and surround yourself with good people to help you, you can adjust and conquer your first semester.

William Grube, Fall 2022 STEM Peer Mentor
William Grube
Biological Sciences

About William

Major: Biological Sciences

Year: Sophomore

Hometown: Cincinnati, Ohio (although I lived in Georgia for 7 years)

About Me: I enjoy spending my time outdoors, playing music, and at my job at the Cincinnati Zoo.

Why I Chose NKU: I chose NKU because of the different programs and classes related to my major that caught my interest. Additionally, there are great opportunities for research and study abroad.

Why I Chose My Major: I enjoy studying and learning about all parts of the natural world. This prompted me to select biological sciences as my major.

My Career Goals: In the future, I hope to either be involved in field research, environmental education, or both!

Interesting Fact: An interesting fact about myself is that I compete in historical swordsmanship.

Advice to Freshmen: My advice to incoming freshmen would be to relax, accept that you are learning and will make mistakes. Learn from them and find the strategies that work for you regarding studying, schoolwork, and life in general!

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Emma Hopkins
Computer Science

About Emma

Major: Computer Science

Year: Sophomore

Hometown: Independence, Kentucky

About Me: I am a part of the NKU Women's Track Team, primarily a hurdler and high jumper. This year I will be a representative for the track team on the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee.

Why I Chose NKU: I went to NKU because the program was one that I was interested in, and I had an opportunity to run track for a D1 college team.

Why I Chose My Major: I was introduced to robotics in sixth grade and through my involvement in my middle school team, I discovered that I enjoy coding, leading me to choose computer science as my major.

My Career Goals: I aim to find a position as a web or software developer where I can use my skills in coding in a stimulating environment.

Interesting Facts: I like growing and collecting cool plants. I have a bunch that I have collected over the years.

Advice to Freshmen: I recommend freshmen to take advantage of the opportunities they are presented with and use those opportunities to make friends and connections. Don't procrastinate and make sure to have fun.

Lily Lown, Fall 2022 STEM Peer Mentor
Lily Lown
Biological Sciences (CMG track)

About Lily

Major: Biology (CMG track)

Minor: Chemistry

Year: Junior

Hometown: Union, Kentucky

About Me: I graduated from Ryle High School in 2020, and I ran cross country and swam. Since coming to NKU, I have joined the sorority Kappa Delta and Dr. Hare's research team.

Why I Chose NKU: I chose NKU because it was close to home, family, and friends. NKU also offers many scholarships and experiences that I couldn't pass up.

Why I Chose My Major: I chose to major in biology because my goal is to go to medical school.

My Career Goals: One day I hope to attend medical school to become a doctor.

Interesting Facts: I love going to the gym and traveling. I also have three black labs!

Advice to Freshmen: My advice to freshman is to get to know your professors, SI/TAs, and your classmates. They are always willing to help with anything you need.

Param Patel, Fall 2022 STEM Peer Mentor
Param Patel (He/Him/His)

About Param

Major: Cybersecurity

Year: Senior

Hometown: Gujarat, India

Pronouns: He/Him/His

About Me: I love going out with friends and trying new things, I am also very passionate about cooking and like to make different dishes and try them as well.

Why I Chose NKU: NKU is a great college and I saw a lot of opportunities for growth, also I like how inclusive and diverse NKU is.

Why I Chose My Major: I always had something for cybersecurity and computers and actually I changed my major thrice. I started as a CS major, changed to CIT, and now CYS. With cybersecurity I get the best of all three and that was one of the reasons for choosing it.

My Career Goals: I want to move forward in the cybersecurity area as it’s a very vast field. I would like to explore what suits me and focus on it.

Interesting Facts: I like adventure sports and I have so far done skydiving and SCUBA diving, and hope to do more.

Advice to Freshmen: Enjoy your time here and make new friends and connections that will help you in your coming future, as well as your time here at NKU.

Jaslynn Banks, Fall 2022 STEM Peer Mentor
Jaslynn Banks (She/Her/Hers)
Electronic & Media Broadcasting

About Jaslynn

Major: Electronic and Media Broadcasting

Year: Senior

Hometown: Cincinnati, Ohio

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

About Me: I have a twin sister who also studies here at NKU as an integrative studies major, her name is Jailynn! I'm very inquisitive, always open to learn about something and share it with others. I'm in love with music, dancing in my room, and creative freedom. I spend lots of time watching YouTube videos about food, nutrition, finance, professionalism, and silent vlogs. I am the President of The College of Informatics Ambassadors, and a Haile College of Business Ambassador.

Why I Chose NKU: I chose NKU to pursue my college career because I felt I could create valuable connections and networks with the small class sizes offered,  and approachable professors.

Why I Chose My Major: I chose Electronic and Media Broadcasting because I've always been a visionary and storyteller. I felt that EMB here at NKU would allow me to explore many aspects within the field of broadcasting. I love that my major is creatively challenging and structured at the same time.

My Career Goals: I hope to have an explorative career in broadcasting, writing, producing, and directing. I'd like to utilize my marketing minor as well.

Interesting Fact: I have done a lot of performing arts since preschool including dance, acting, choir, and musical theatre. I also love fashion, along with art, and organizing (Yes, organizing).

Advice to Freshmen: Be sure to take care of yourself. Practice having grace for yourself and others. Take time to learn about yourself and try new things! This will help you a lot in your college journey. Don't forget to reach out to others for support and use NKU resources.

McKay Dunn, Fall 2022 STEM Peer Mentor
McKay Dunn

About McKay

Major: Pre-Engineering

Year: Junior

Hometown: Hopkinsville, Kentucky

About Me: I grew up in Western Kentucky and many people don't even know about NKU from my area. I enjoy doing competitive robotics and I am the Vice President of the NUKE Robotics club here at NKU. When I'm not in class you can normally find me working at the Norse Techbar.

Why I Chose NKU: I chose NKU for the campus size and for competitive robotics.

Why I Chose My Major: I chose Pre-Engineering for my major because I wasn't quite sure what area I wanted to go into for engineering.

My Career Goals: I plan to obtain my electrical engineering degree and find a career in robotics.

Interesting Facts: I have competed in robotics for 6 years, and of those 6 years I have been to the world competition 5 times.

Advice to Freshmen: Get involved on campus and get to know the people in your classes so you can form study groups.

Savannah, Fall 2022 STEM Peer Mentor
Savannah Guelda
Biological Sciences

About Savannah

Major: Biology

Year: Senior

Hometown: Louisville, Kentucky

About Me: My mom, dad, brother, and dog live a couple hours away from me in Louisville. I'll be turning 23 on September 23rd. :) I'm a powerlifter and just competed for the first time August 7th! I enjoy an active lifestyle because it's good for me both mentally and physically. I serve and bartend at Hooters; I love it. I cared for patients with brain injuries for 4 years prior to Hooters. I just wanted a job that was different and fun. I also work on campus with Community Connections, providing tours of the campus to younger groups of children. I was an SI leader for anatomy and physiology for two semesters.

Why I Chose NKU: NKU was the only college I had visited because from the moment I stepped on campus, I felt at home. NKU's small class sizes are very important to me and were a determining factor in my initial decision. The professors and atmosphere are amazing which is why I chose to stay at NKU all 4 years.

Why I Chose My Major: I originally was an Exercise Science major. After my first year, I switched to biology. I wanted to have as much knowledge about the human body as possible, down to its cellular level. I felt biology would be more rigorous.

My Career Goals: I will be moving to St. Louis, MO in May to begin chiropractor school at Logan University.

Interesting Facts: I'm Hawaiian. I broke my back, had spinal shock, and had a bilateral spinal repair/fusion when I was 18; doctors told me I'd never lift over 15 lbs. or run again and now I do both.

Advice to Freshmen: Establish relationships with your professors. It will benefit you now and at the end of your college journey. Speak up in class. There's no harm in asking questions. This is YOUR education so get as much out of it as you can. Take care of your mental health. Do not overwork yourself; make sure you're getting plenty of sleep and food.

Abby Jones, Fall 2022 STEM Peer Mentor
Abby Jones
Computer Science & Statistics

About Abby

Majors: Computer Science and Statistics

Year: Sophomore

Hometown: Fort Mitchell, Kentucky

About Me: I am a member of the Norse Support Council. Over the summer, I also completed research through the UR-STEM program with Dr. Adjei on his PLACEments project.

Why I Chose NKU: I chose NKU because they have a great Computer Science program and because it is close to my home.

Why I Chose My Major: I was introduced to computer science during a summer program and have been interested in it ever since. It is a great way to combine creativity and STEM.

My Career Goals: I would like to be a consultant in some aspect of computer science. Interesting Facts: I have donated my hair twice in the last 5 years.

Advice to Freshmen: It is important to take time for your mental health, especially when you are starting college. Also, make sure to get involved in some manner, whether it be through joining a club, completing research, or one of the other numerous opportunities you can find at NKU.

Moyo Mike-Adeogun, Fall 2022 STEM Peer Mentor
Moyo Mike-Adeogun
Comm. Studies & Journalism

About Moyo

Major: Communication Studies and Journalism

Year: Junior

Hometown: Lagos, Nigeria

About Me: I'm an international student and I've lived in Nigeria my entire life but have travelled around a lot. My love for exploration and ambition to experience everything the world has to offer, brought me out of my comfort zone all the way to NKU. I love being of any assistance and helping people in any little way I can so please reach out for absolutely anything you need, and I will do my best to assist you.

Why I Chose NKU: I chose NKU because of the detailed content of the majors I have dreamed of pursuing and significantly the opportunity to pursue both majors rather than having to pick one of my passions.

Why I Chose My Major: I chose communication studies because I adore communicating with people in every way and helping people communicate better. And I chose journalism because I recognized the value and importance of sharing people's perspectives and experiences and wanted to be a part of that.

My Career Goals: To travel around Eastern Asia and Europe while gaining international exposure and developing my skills in fashion and entertainment journalism. After which I plan to utilize my acquired skills and exposure to pursue my dream job in the Conde Nast Publishing house as a Creative Director.

Interesting Facts: I absolutely love Japanese food. Getting my hair done makes me the happiest.

Advice to Freshmen: Don't be afraid to make mistakes! I promise you that everyone is still figuring out what to do as well so don't put the pressure of perfection on yourselves.

Marisol Reyes, Fall 2022 STEM Peer Mentor
Marisol Reyes
Biological Sciences

About Marisol

Major: Biological Sciences

Year: Sophomore

Hometown: Cincinnati, Ohio

About Me: I am a first-generation college student who loves to read and listen to music. I am in Honors, LULAC, and SOARs Scholars. As a Hispanic, I am glad NKU offers diverse and inclusive programs as that is important to me.

Why I Chose NKU: I chose NKU because of the diversity found on campus as well as how close it is from my home.

Why I Chose My Major: My senior year of High School, I took the Intro to Biology course completely online due to COVID, and I was able to take my time to not just learn the material, but to enjoy it. I liked the various topics we covered and wanted to learn more.

My Career Goals: I am still deciding whether I want to go to PA school or medical school. I’m still in the process of shadowing and learning about each program, but I do hope to go into the medical field.

Interesting Fact: I am bilingual, so I am fluent in both English and Spanish. I came into college with enough credits to be considered a sophomore by my second semester. I enjoyed organic chemistry and that’s partly because I do not do well in math.

Advice to Freshmen: Get involved. There’s something for everyone at NKU and it’s just about finding a group of friends who make education fun, and you will find that if you get involved and attend events. Give yourself a break throughout the year and take advantage of all the free stuff that’s offered!

Omkar Bhat, Fall 2022 STEM Peer Mentor
Omkar Bhat (a.k.a. Omi)
Mechatronics Engineering

About Omkar

Major: Mechatronics Engineering

Year: Senior

Hometown: India/Qatar

About Me: I love cars and being outdoors. You can find me running, hiking, kayaking, camping, etc. on the weekends. I would also like to travel as much as possible during my college years. I also started cooking on an everyday basis during the pandemic.

Why I Chose NKU: NKU is one of the only schools in the country to offer Mechatronics as a major. I also like the size of the school (not too small or big - just perfect).

Why I Chose My Major: I wanted to get into robotics, and I hope my Mechatronics degree would open doors for me in the job market.

My Career Goal: Aligning my interests in robotics and automobiles. At that point, I would not feel like I was working daily.

Interesting Fact: I have been skydiving, and SCUBA diving is next on my bucket list.

Advice to Freshmen: You have four years to make the most out of your college experience and believe me, time flies fast! Do not be afraid to take risks and fail. University is meant to be a learning opportunity, and the choices you make will help you understand your strengths and weaknesses.

Carlee Franklin, Fall 2022 STEM Peer Mentor
Carlee Franklin (She/Her/Hers)
Bus. Info. Systems & Marketing

About Carlee

Majors: Business Information Systems and Marketing (double major)

Year: Junior

Hometown: Winchester, Kentucky

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

About Me: I am interning in the Internal Audit department at Western & Southern Financial Group, and I am a Haile Ambassador. In my free time, I love weightlifting, bullet journaling, reading, and playing Animal Crossing!

Why I chose NKU: I chose NKU because of my immediate connection with the faculty and staff, and their extensive knowledge in their respective fields. NKU truly values a realistic, comprehensive education that can be directly applied to internships and careers post-graduation, so students leave this institution feeling prepared to shine in the workplace.

Why I Chose My Major: I chose my specific majors because of my passion for business, aesthetics, and creativity combined with my talents for writing and technology.

My Career Goals: I hope to use my degrees to pursue a career with a marketing firm and improve digital excellence, data visualization, user experience, and overall technological presence to meet the needs of customers.

Interesting Facts: A fun fact about me is that I have been sewing for 11 years, and I made my senior prom dress.

Advice to Freshmen: My best advice to freshmen would be to try everything! Even if you have the slightest interest in something, like a fraternity/sorority chapter, an interesting course, or a student organization, seek out that opportunity. Worst case scenario, you realize it's not for you, and you move on to a new opportunity. But if you never take advantage of the opportunities in front of you, you could miss out on a potential career discovery, networking opportunity, or a chance to make new friends! The benefits of putting yourself out there will outweigh any risks.

Salem Ziegler, Fall 2022 STEM Peer Mentor
Salem Ziegler (They/Them)
Biological Sciences (Forensics)

About Salem

Major: Biology (Forensics track)

Year: Junior

Hometown: Fort Thomas, Kentucky

Pronouns: They/Them

About Me: My name is Mia, but I go by Salem.  I'm majoring in Biological sciences with the Forensics track with minors in Chemistry, Criminalistics, and Anthropology. On campus, I am the founder and president of a club Monsters and Mythology that focuses on exploring legendary creatures and cryptids. I also helped bring back The Gender Initiative this semester as the acting president. I spend my free time with my 3 cats and my bulldog, either being crafty or playing video games.

Why I Chose My Major: Forensics has been an interest for me ever since I lost my father at the age of 3. I wanted a major that would set me up for the future education I will need.My Career Goals: I plan to become a medical examiner or forensic pathologist.

Interesting Fact: I build costumes in my free time.

Advice to Freshmen: College is about learning two major life skills, balancing your professional and personal lives in a healthy manner as well as really discovering yourself. Now is the time to explore and fumble as you work towards being an adult. Don't be afraid to go out and look for your people, even outside your department, and don't be too hard on yourself when you struggle. There are plenty of people around that want to see you grow and are more than happy to help in whatever way they can!

Evan Landry, Fall 2022 STEM Peer Mentor
Evan Landry
Computer Science

About Evan

Major: Computer Science

Year: Sophomore

Hometown: Burlington, Kentucky

About Me: I commute to NKU from Burlington, Kentucky. I have a passion for anything automotive and grew up going to car shows. I also love programming and find myself just doing it for fun. Spanish is also an interest of mine, which is why I am pursuing a minor in the language.

Why I Chose NKU: I originally chose NKU because my sister attended the school, which was helpful since it made for a smooth transition into college life. However, once I started to attend NKU I grew to appreciate how close it was to home, and the resources provided to me as a freshman.

Why I Chose My Major: I chose a Computer Science major because it is a growing field full of possibilities, and I couldn't imagine having a major in anything that isn't technology related. I love programming and find myself excited to attend every class.

My Career Goals: My career goal is to complete an internship while I am still attending NKU. From there, I will have gained the necessary experience to find a career that suits my interests.

Interesting Facts: An interesting fact about me is that I have two rescue dogs named Bailey and Georgia.

Advice to Freshmen: My advice to freshmen is to enjoy your college experience. Join a club or organization, be social, and connect with your professors. Everybody has a different story, and whether it takes you just four years or more, makes your college experience unique.

Boluwatife Osifalujo, Fall 2022 STEM Peer Mentor
Boluwatife 'Bolu' Osifalujo

About Bolu

Major: Neuroscience

Year: Sophomore

Hometown: Lagos, Nigeria

About Me: I am a member of the Presidential Ambassadors, Orientation Leaders Team, and The African Student Union.

Why I Chose NKU: I chose NKU because I knew I would feel at home here from my experience with the application process. My older sister graduated from NKU.

Why I Chose My Major: I chose my major because I like to be specific about things, and the brain is a fascinating organ.

My Career Goals: I haven't thought much about what I want to do after college, but I would most likely go to grad school.

Interesting Facts: I speak three languages, and I have a twin sister at NKU.

Advice to Freshmen: Acknowledge that you need help and never hesitate to reach out to your professors whenever you need help. Get involved with at least one organization on campus; it makes life more fun.

Lindsey Warinner, Fall 2022 STEM Peer Mentor
Lindsey Warinner
Biological Sciences

About Lindsey

Major: Biological Sciences

Year: Sophomore

Hometown: Danville, Kentucky

About Me: In my free time I enjoy going on hikes, baking and wake surfing (even though I am not very good at it). I am a part of the Health professions club, TRI-BETA, and the women’s club soccer team.

Why I Chose NKU: I chose NKU because of its class sizes. I was looking to be able to make personal relationships and get the attention I needed from professors in order to be successful.

Why I Chose My Major: I have always been very interested in science, and biology allows me to have flexibility with future career plans or programs.

My Career Goals: I am working to hopefully attend the University of Kentucky for graduate school and become a Physician’s Assistant.

Interesting Fact: I used to be able to ride a unicycle when I was little.

Advice to Freshmen: Make at least one friend in each class so you have someone to hold you accountable and you can go to for help.

What is a STEM Peer Mentor?

STEM Peer Mentors are student representatives of NKU's five STEM departments*. This group of campus leaders are chosen for their academic achievements, campus involvement, and passion for their majors. Through mentoring and hosting events, these students fulfill an important role in helping build a friendly and supportive STEM community for NKU STEM majors.

*STEM Departments: Biological Sciences, Chemistry and Biochemistry, Computer Science, Mathematics and Statistics, Physics, Geology, and Engineering Technology

A new cohort of mentors is chosen each semester. Contact us for more information about being a STEM Peer Mentor.