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Undergraduate Research in STEM (UR-STEM)

This program requests proposals to fund UR-STEM students in research projects either underway, or new projects appropriate for novice students. Many faculty members have had success adding a UR-STEM student to their existing research team. Students that participate in the UR STEM program have been retained at significantly higher levels than those who do not participate.


NKU Biological Sciences faculty guiding a student through research in the lab.
NKU School of Computing and Analytics faculty guiding a student through research in the lab.
NKU Engineering Technology faculty guiding a student through research in the lab.
NKU Chemistry and Biochemistry faculty and students smiling for the camera during summer research.
NKU Mathematics and Statistics faculty and students smiling for the camera after their final summer research presentation with a community partner.

2024 Application & Selection Schedule

January 17 Deadline to submit UR-STEM project application and Supply Request Form to CINSAM.
The remaining milestones pertain to selecting students for paid undergraduate research. Each milestone references a step from the Student Selection Process (SSP) dropdown which contains more detailed instructions should you need them.
January 25 - February 15 Student application window. Students interested in participating in the faculty's research will apply online from the student Undergraduate Research webpage.
March 7 Participating faculty will receive a list of all eligible applicants and are responsible for conducting interviews with students of their choosing from the list.
March 25
Deadline for faculty to identify ranked list of students they would like to work with by submitting the student names and projects to CINSAM and to their Department Chair.
April 1
Faculty will be notified by CINSAM of student selections for UR-STEM.
April 8 Deadline for faculty to meet with their selected students to extend the UR-STEM offer and to fill out the stipend paperwork. Students should then be directed to CINSAM for completion of their hiring paperwork.
April 24 Faculty must ensure students have completed and turned in all hiring paperwork to CINSAM in order for students to begin research on time and to be paid on time.

UR-STEM Process & Information



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