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Undergraduate Research in STEM (UR-STEM)

This program requests proposals to fund UR-STEM students in research projects either underway, or new projects appropriate for novice students. Many faculty members have had success adding a UR-STEM student to their existing research team. Students that participate in the UR STEM program have been retained at significantly higher levels than those who do not participate, with greater than 94% retained in a STEM major and greater than 98% retained to the University (2017-2021 data).

2023 Instructions & Deadlines

January 23rd - Deadline to complete and submit the online RFP and Supply Request Form
The remaining milestones below pertain to selecting students for Undergraduate Research. Each milestone references a step from the Student Selection Process (SSP) dropdown. Please review the Student Selection Process for detailed instructions.

February 1st - February 28th - Student application window. Students interested in participating in the faculty's research will apply online from the student Undergraduate Research webpage.

March 17th - Participating faculty will be provided with the list of all eligible applicants (see SSP #1-3)

April 4th - Deadline for faculty to identify student(s) with whom they wish to work (see SSP #4)

April 10th - CINSAM will send the list of approved students to faculty.

April 14th - Faculty will notify student(s) of their offer with instructions to indicate their commitment. (see SSP #5)

April 21st - Students must commit by completing a contract with the research advisor.

April 28th - Faculty must ensure that students have completed the hiring process with CINSAM by this date. Failure to do so may result in a delayed start and pay date. (See the Student Hiring Process dropdown.)

May 8th - First possible start date for student research


UR-STEM Process & Information



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