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Accessibility is an important step in social media. At NKU, we are committed to creating an online environment where all people have an equal opportunity to consume and engage with Northern Kentucky University's social media content.

It’s important to be mindful of accessibility because we want everyone to be able to access our content and be able to understand our content easily. Before you post, make sure that your content is able to be viewed and understood by everyone in your audience by following the steps below!

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  • Add alternative text to any images. Alt Text can be added through every social media platform.
  • Images with Text Embedded: Best practice is to NOT have text embedded on an image. It can be difficult for reading because text can get too small, limiting accessibility tool functionality and decreasing a positive user experience. If your graphic resources are limited to photography with embedded text, you should put as much information in the alt text as possible.


  • Add closed captioning to all videos! Be mindful about editing automatically generated captions and edit when necessary. 
  • Include open captioning over videos used on platforms such as Instagram stories and TikTok. TikTok and Instagram recently launched a closed captioning feature that requires some editing. 
  • Avoid flashing or strobe lights in videos. Place a trigger warning in your caption if these types of images or edits can not be avoided.  


  • Keep hashtags accessible with Camel Case or Camel Backing! Screen readers can read easier when each word is capitalized. Example: #NorseUpPlace 
  • Place hashtags at the end of the post if possible.


  • Emojis are great for expression, but use them in moderation. Screen readers read out a description/definition of each emoji. How Emojis are read on Screen Readers. Example: Welcome Back Norse Nation! 💛🖤 (“Yellow Heart, Black Heart”).
  • Try to place emojis at the end of your caption. 
  • Do not put a call to action after an emoji, placed within a message or the same emoji repetitively. 
  • Review what emoji means before you use it. Find the definitions on Emojipedia:


Each platform has its own Accessibility Features, please see the links below to review each platforms features:

To learn more on NKU Accessibility requirements visit: