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Journalists will always provide the news that people need by finding out what is happening in their neighborhoods, their cities, their states, and their nation and by informing citizens about items they need to know. Students who study journalism learn how to write well and quickly. They learn how to do research and analyze what they find. They learn how to ask the right questions, find the right documents, and communicate what they’ve discovered in an engaging way.





Career Paths

The Journalism Program offers each student specialized attention thanks to our small class size and close-knit faculty. We take an applied approach in providing journalism skills that our graduates employ in a wide range of careers:

  • Cincinnati Enquirer
  • WCPO
  • CityBeat
  • Kentucky Standard
  • First National Bank of Blanchester

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Stacie Jankowski, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor and Program Director, Journalism

GH 536


Evolving Opportunties

Changing technology has opened opportunities for journalists such as blogging, editing, and shooting video and photos for newspapers, radio, television, and online news organizations. They also find work in related fields, such as public relations and advertising.