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Program Type: Undergraduate

School: School of Media & Communication

Degree Requirements

Media is everywhere, just like the Electronic Media & Broadcasting program. EMB students develop their technical, artistic, and logistical skills to tell stories with a camera, a microphone, and a script. Then you’ll apply your skills and build your portfolio through the many hands-on and creative opportunities presented throughout the program. Cover live sports broadcast through our collaboration with ESPN+; create powerful documentaries working with regional partners; produce media content with your professors around the world through our study abroad program. The opportunities are everywhere…just like EMB.

Program Contact

Sara Drabik, M.A.
Program Head, Media & Journalism
GH 504A

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Students in the Spotlight

Dan Griffin

Dan Griffin

Graduating Year: 2012

Education: Major in Electronic Media & Broadcasting, Minor in Political Science

Extracurricular and Involvement at NKU

"I oftentimes look back at my time at NKU and wished I'd been more involved. During my time at NKU, I took as many classes as I could while also holding down a part-time job as a bank teller, working about 25-35 hours a week depending on the week. 

I know many students at NKU find themselves trying to find that delicate balance and make some memories. I will say, when I had free time or an off day from all of the normal responsibilities I carried, I really enjoyed visiting the library and the Campus Recreation Center (before it was renovated) to keep my mind and my body on the up and up. 

I also enjoyed watching a few NKU basketball games when I could. I made some of the best friends of my life while I lived in Norse Hall. We all came from different parts of the region, but we shared a lot of love for one another and our dreams and goals."

Favorite NKU Memory

"My favorite NKU memory would likely be the opening of Griffin Hall. No, it's not named after me! Though, I wish I could take the credit for such a fantastic facility. 

While I was studying Electronic Media and Broadcasting, I was spending the majority of my time in Landrum Hall. We were lucky to be able to shoot video and interviews on tape, ingest it (make it a file on the computer) and edit it once that was complete. When Griffin Hall opened, it presented a new world for those of us who dreamed of being in the television news business. I had never felt so proud or so empowered to chase my dream!"

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Find Your Passions & Build Your Future

Student working outdoors
  • Career Paths: An EMB degree prepares students for the collaborative nature of media production, leading to careers in the commercial & creative worlds. Graduates have moved into all forms of media professions, including:
    • Producer
    • Live Multicam Director
    • Videographer/Director of Photography
    • Screenwriter
    • Video Editor
    • Documentarian
    • Location Audio Specialist
    • Film Director
    • Production Specialist
  • Internship and Co-Op Opportunities: Whatever your career focus, you can gain valuable on-the-job experience in an internship or co-op arranged through NKU Career Services. NKU students gain professional experience with area businesses involved in television & radio, live sports production, video production houses, music recording studios, business-to-business communication, & more. 
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Experience NKU

Our campus is more than classrooms. It’s a hive of activity and connections that instantly feel familiar. Come walk it, take it in, check it out.

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Financial Aid

A variety of financial assistance is available, from grants to scholarships, loans to veteran benefits.