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Program Type: Undergraduate

Degree Awarded: B.S. in Mathematics Select the degree to view its requirements and four-year plans.

Department: Mathematics & Statistics

The mathematics and statistics programs at NKU are designed to graduate professionals who are critical thinkers. As you develop skills in analysis and design, you will learn to be a creative problem solver. The study of mathematics builds a way of thinking that is used to solve a variety of problems that arise in different contexts. The major builds skills in logic, analysis, abstract thinking, and problem solving. All of these are valuable skills to future employers in a wide variety of fields.

Program Contacts

Dr. Brooke Buckley
Department Chair
(859) 572-5377

Students in the Spotlight

Hanna Schmitt

Hanna Schmitt 

Graduating Year: 2023

Education: Mathematics and Statistics Double Major, Computer Science Minor, Focus in German

Career: Digital Technology Leadership Program at GE Aerospace 

"Try as many things as you can, it's worth it! While you're at NKU, take extra math/stat classes, go on industry visits, try an internship, do research, go to the career fairs. College is the time to explore what fields and applications of math/stat you are interested in pursuing. No one will penalize you for not liking something and employers will appreciate your initiative."

Memorable Experiences: There are so many, it's hard to just pick one. I really want to shout out Dr. Wilkinson for being my faculty mentor for my URSTEM project after my freshmen year. I credit that experience as the motivating factor in getting me to think beyond calc and stretch my skills so early on. Our project was an amazing opportunity and lead me to so many other amazing opportunities through my 4 years. I will always cherish the art and 3D prints we made.  

Department Reflection: My favorite thing about the department is that it feels like a big family. Being able to walk down the hallway and having faculty say hi and check in, and knowing they really care, makes the department feel like home.  

Find Your Passions & Build Your Future

Student presenting mathematical research findings to peers in the classroom
  • First-Year Experience: The first-year experience gives you the opportunity to:
    • Form a community with other mathematics and statistics majors.
    • Learn some mathematics and statistics content you'll see in future classes.
    • Complete a project in the fall semester and present your work in the spring.
    • Receive a one-time $500 scholarship!
  • Experiential Learning: Many opportunities exist beyond the classroom:
    • Undergraduate research experiences
    • Preparation for actuarial exams
    • Travel to state and regional conferences
    • Tutoring in the Math & Stat Lab
    • Statistical consulting in the Burkardt Consulting Center
    • Certification in the statistical programming language SAS
    • Possible internships with local industries like GE, 84.51, and Western & Southern
  • Career Explorations: The department supports students in their exploration of post-graduation opportunities. During the junior year, students will:
    • Explore post-graduation paths available to those with a mathematics/statistics background including industry positions and graduate programs.
    • Meet and network with department alumni through site visits to local industries and graduate programs.
    • Develop job search and interview skills.

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