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Program Type: Undergraduate

Degree Awarded: B.A. in Physics  |  B.S. in Physics Select a degree to view its requirements and four-year plan.

Department: Physics, Geology, and Engineering Technology

The Bachelor of Arts in physics degree provides students interested in physics with the opportunity to take courses at the core of physics while providing them the flexibility to pursue courses from other academic disciplines.  The BA in physics is highly appropriate for those students who wish to pursue a dual major with a second major in engineering, mathematics, computer science, or education. 

The Bachelor of Science in Physics is a multipurpose program, designed for students who (1) intend to work in a science- or engineering-based company upon graduation, (2) plan to study physics in graduate school, and (3) pursue engineering or other scientific fields at the graduate level.  Graduates with a BS in physics are known for their good problem-solving skills, and regularly find careers in industry, government, and education.  Recent NKU graduates have worked for companies in telecommunication, manufacturing, engineering, and product research. About one third of NKU graduates continue to graduate school where they have specialized in a range of specialized research fields, including astrophysics, elementary particle physics, nuclear physics, atomic physics, molecular physics, optics, plasma physics, biophysics, chemical physics, condensed matter physics, and low temperature physics.

Program Contacts

Dr. Matthew Zacate
Professor, Physics Program Director
(859) 572-1365

Students in the Spotlight

Alaina Spencer

Alaina Spencer

Graduating Year: 2024

Education: B.S. in Physics with minors in Astronomy and Honors

"I enjoy the smaller class sizes at NKU. You really get to know your classmates and professors, which makes it easy to reach out for help with difficult material. There are also many opportunities to work on research projects with faculty- this has helped me learn skills that will be useful in my career. I also enjoy working at NKU'S Haile Planetarium! It is a great opportunity to practice communication skills and share a love for physics and astronomy with the public."

Career: Seeks a research position in astrophysics or astronomy.

Find Your Passions & Build Your Future

Physics students standing next to professor in classroom
  • Co-curricular opportunities: Develop a sense of belonging by studying with other physics students in the physics student-lounge or joining one of our physics student-organizations such as the Physics and Astronomy Club or Women in Physics and Engineering.
  • Research projects: Work with physics faculty on research projects that are recognized nationally and internationally.  Student researchers have opportunities not only to learn about research but also to present their results at scientific conferences and to co-author peer-reviewed journal articles.  
  • Career development: Take courses in a curriculum designed to allow you to explore what careers are possible with a BS in physics and to communicate confidently about skills developed as a physics major.

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