Degree Awarded: B.S. in Physics

Physics is the study of matter, energy, and their fundamental interactions.  Physics describes the dynamics and structure of physical systems (ranging from subatomic particles to the entire universe).  Applications of physics have led to the development of new technologies at all levels. 


Persons with bachelor’s degrees in physics are often hired for their problem solving skills and find careers in industry, government and education. Career paths for recent NKU graduates from our program include:

  • telecommunication
  • manufacturing
  • engineering
  • product research

About a third of our graduates become research physicists in specialized areas
such as:

  • astrophysics
  • elementary particles & fields
  • nuclear physics
  • atomic, molecular & optical physics
  • and others. 


Many opportunities exist for undergraduate students to pursue research while studying at NKU. Faculty members in the Department of Physics and Geology are often looking for motivated and enthusiastic students to aid in research projects.  The best way to inquire about Physics research with NKU faculty is to contact them

There are also summer research positions offered across the country for students wanting to travel and get valuable research experience in various areas of physics.  Please visit the National Science Foundation website for the Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) listings.

Program Contact Information

Dr. Sharmanthie Fernando
Department Chair
Director of Physics Program