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Program Type: Undergraduate

Degree Awarded: B.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies (BAIS) Select the degree to view its requirements and four-year plan.

Department: Interdisciplinary Studies

The Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies (BAIS) is a flexible degree that offers students a major in which they can find coherence, meaning, and value in a novel program of study. Working with an advisor you design a plan of study that addresses a complex, real-world problem that goes beyond the boundaries of traditional disciplinary programs of study.  If you are interested in something for which a disciplinary or professional program is too specific or narrow, then an interdisciplinary program like BAIS might be for you. 

The diploma says “Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies”, but the resume demonstrates an ability to address complex problems, integrate knowledge from different areas, and take the initiative to design their own rigorous path through college--a path that has pulled together what they care about and what they are good at. Because of its flexibility, the Integrative Studies degree is ideal for students who want to move beyond narrow traditional programs. It presents a wonderful opportunity for students who want to change majors while using some of the credit they have already earned. And it is perfect for students who have earned credits from another institution that can be transferred to NKU.

Program Contacts

Dr. Rhonda D. Davis
Director of Interdisciplinary Studies

Students in the Spotlight

Weston Jones

Weston Jones

Graduating Year: 2023

Education: BA in Integrative Studies

“When I began my college career, I had no idea what I wanted to major in. I had enjoyed being self-employed for the past few years, running an online business, and there were not any specific majors that I felt I needed to further my career. Then I read about the Integrative Studies program. The flexibility of choosing three different areas of focus was very appealing to me. I chose History, Popular Culture and Religious Studies because I find them all very interesting and I wanted to learn more about them.”

Career: Small business owner

The Integrative Studies program at NKU offered me the opportunity to earn a bachelor’s degree by learning about subject matter that was important to me, and it taught me how to approach solving complex problems in a more effective way. Our constantly changing world will continue to deliver problems that are too complex to solve through one discipline alone, but by bringing together multiple disciplines and seeing how and where they can be bridged together, new solutions can be created. I can now take the tools and skills I have learned through Integrative Studies and use them not only in running my business, but also to deepen my understanding of the world and my place in it. 

Find Your Passions & Build Your Future

Students talking in Steely Library
  • Internships: Interdisciplinary Studies students have a wide range of opportunities to create community partnerships for internship experiences. For example, students have completed internships with city offices to focus on public administration and local governance and working alongside the sales and retention team with the Cincinnati Reds.
  • Career exploration: Our unique foundation course, IST 185 Introduction to Interdisciplinary Studies, encourages students to explore traditional academic disciplines and emerging fields in the context of current social, political, economic, and environmental problems. This course also guides students through self-exploration of interests in connection with a wider societal context. IST 397 Interdisciplinary Inquiry enables students to deepen their knowledge and understanding of complex problems of interest to discover potential career opportunities and pathways. 
  • Creativity and Flexibility: Interdisciplinary Studies offers a creative and flexible approach to discovering your academic and professional passions. If you have more than one interest, interdisciplinary studies allows you to explore and combine academic areas of interest to maximize your college experience and help you find a meaningful career pathway.


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