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2022 University News

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  • Modern Media Framing

    Modern Media Framing

    "There’s so much more going on with the things that we consume than we would think. I watch a lot of bad TV, those messages, even though they’re silly and entertainment can change the way I think about things even if I don’t intend for them to."

  • Donna Deck

    Alumni Spotlight: Donna Deck ('97, '99)

    “One of my biggest motives for writing ‘The Beginning’ was the idea that one of my great-great-grandchildren might bring the book to show-and-tell one day years into the future. It’s a piece of me that will continue on."

  • Senior Spotlight: Momoka Kinder

    Senior Spotlight: Momoka Kinder

    "Don’t pass on the opportunities you find at NKU ... The connections I made on the NKU Cyber Defense team landed me my dream internship at Kroger. All of these opportunities I got because of NKU. When I first started them, I had no clue it would lead up to this."

  • Senior Spotlight: Meg Winslow

    Senior Spotlight: Meg Winslow

    "The research opportunities I’ve had have been really beneficial. Not just about the research but also building professional relationships and networking in my professional life."