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SoCap Accelerate works with organizations to enable our region to help companies solve complex challenges in the health innovation ecosystem. We strive to create partnerships that stretch beyond a dollar sign. We develop relationships that allow a constant stream of ideas, resources, and insight to elevate our ever-expanding program.

St. Elizabeth Healthcare

St. Elizabeth Healthcare operates five hospitals throughout Northern Kentucky and more than 115 primary care and specialty office locations in Kentucky, Indiana and Ohio. A distinguished member of the Mayo Clinic Care Network, St. Elizabeth is a mission-based organization with a strong commitment to improving the health of the communities it serves.

St. Elizabeth Healthcare’s bold vision is to help make the Northern Kentucky one of the healthiest communities in America. Because of this, they are a pivotal part of health innovation in Greater Cincinnati. Through SoCap, they will work with start-ups both large and small to help validate technologies, assess business plans, interface with clinical and technical champions, consider pilots or jointly developing technologies that can generate measurable and scalable outcomes.

The process can include co-building, customizing, or implementing a solution as well as supporting market entry by deploying resources via expertise, integration and/or investment that generates maximum value for their health system and their patients.


Northern Kentucky University

The SoCap Accelerator program is held at Northern Kentucky Universities Health Innovation Center, a state-of-the-art facility that includes advanced technology and real-world learning spaces designed for simulating real-life healthcare situations.

The Institute for Health Innovation (IHI) at NKU pioneers solutions to the health challenges facing Northern Kentucky. We drive change that directly addresses urgent unmet health needs.

The Institute’s focus on working together is a key piece of NKU’s commitment to forging partnerships to address population health initiatives. When we come together, we can uncover breakthrough solutions to our society’s most challenging population health problems.


Program Partners


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