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Better health for Kentucky. Together.
The Institute for Health Innovation (IHI) at NKU pioneers solutions to the health challenges facing Northern Kentucky. We drive change that directly addresses urgent unmet health needs.


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Northern Kentucky Community Resources

A comprehensive list of support services in Northern Kentucky, ranging from addiction support to youth services. 

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Owen County Recovery Support


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What We Do

Venn diagram with IHI in the middle surrounded by linking community, working together, and innovative solutions.

Linking Community

Building on NKU’s rich tradition of community engagement, the IHI seizes the opportunity to work with communities to change and improve lives by addressing population health challenges. The Institute believes we can solve the biggest, most important health challenges facing our communities by engaging with the people directly impacted.

Working Together

The Institute's focus on working together is a key piece of NKU’s commitment to forging partnerships to address population health initiatives. When we come together, we can uncover breakthrough solutions to our society's most challenging population health problems.

Innovative Solutions

Working with our campus and community partners, we are making investments in health entrepreneurship, innovation, and education. We encourage our community to envision the future of healthcare and help us transform what we do to better equip, empower, and most importantly, inspire health workers of tomorrow.


 Focus Areas



Geek Your Health Campus Events

How to Brew a Calming Draught to Prepare for OWLs

Tuesday, April 28, 12 - 1 pm in SU 109

We all know that there is a lot of pressure going into finals week. Getting good grades determines a lot in some cases: whether it’s being able to move forward in a particular curriculum or getting the GPA you need for graduate programs. With these thoughts in mind, are you dreading finals week and feeling unprepared? Or are you struggling with feelings of anxiety as you look ahead to the big exams? There’s a brew for that (and not of the alcohol kind)! This workshop will have built in time to make a plan of action as we move into finals week. We’ll also cover what test anxiety is and how to be best prepared for exams. We will also explore self-care and coping strategies to combat feelings of anxiety and worry about your upcoming exams. With all the right ingredients planned, we can concoct a potion for success!

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 Featured Faculty & Staff


David Tataw

    Dr. Mark Wasicsko Ph.D.  Professor and Bank of Kentucky Endowed Chair in Education, has been at NKU since 2005. Prior experiences include serving as science teacher, professor, department chair, dean, and provost. His teaching includes courses in fundamentals of mindfulness, transformational leadership, best practices for college teachers, and lifespan development.

His major interest is investigating the human characteristics (dispositions) that allow some people to foster more positive changes in others and in the institutions in which they work. Positive change agents are effective not only because of what they know and do but because of who they are shining through their knowledge and skills. Simply put, effective helping professionals--counselors, nurses, social workers, teachers, and leaders--are first and foremost effective people.

For over 40 years he has applied his interest to the areas of preparing helping professionals and enhancing their physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. In addition to teaching credit courses, he frequently conducts workshops and lectures on selecting/hiring “gruntled” colleagues, and helping people enhance their mindfulness and dispositions. Here is a more detailed CV for Mark.

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