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At SoCap Accelerate we pride ourselves on using community and ecosystem resources to advance our business in order to offer the best resources possible for our cohorts. A SoCap Accelerate Advocate is a mentor who is specifically interested in investing in the future of a SoCap Accelerate company; including advocating and providing support for companies outside of the 6-week program. Our Advocates have a wide range of expertise from Marketing, Accounting and Legal to some with a strictly healthcare background all carefully crafted to build a great network around our founders. If you are interested in joining our advocacy team please feel free to contact us.


Marvin Abrinca

Kelly Bonnell

Brittany Bradshaw

Stevi Carr


Courtney Carroll


Eric Cook


Doug Gastright


Patrick Henshaw


Brian Higgins


Scott Jacobs

John Laughlin

James Marable

Shwetha Pai

Tom O’brien

Terrence Reeves


Andrew Savitz


Rhonda B. Schechter


Alice Shade


Dan Tillett


Sameer Vagal


Feel free to contact us anytime, we're happy to connect.