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Congratulations to SoCap Accelerate's Newest Alumni Spring 2021


Cohort two (Spring 2021) was composed of six health innovation startups that included a wide range of solutions and stages. Throughout the six weeks, we were able to make over 100 connections for the cohort while walking them through a wide range of programming. The overall rating for the Spring 2021 program was 95% with all of the cohort answering “yes” they would recommend the program to a friend.

The SoCap Accelerate Team and our regional startup ecosystem wish all of our Alumni the best of success in the future if you would like to connect with any company from our Spring 2021 Cohort click here.

Want More Health Innovation?

SoCap Accelerate Fall 2021 Cohort
SoCap Accelerate offers a real opportunity to turn health innovation ideas into real breakthroughs that can solve some of the most pressing healthcare challenges in communities in Kentucky and across the globe. Our program provides social capital to companies with health-enhancing solutions, aiming to get them the pilots, customer connections and professional input they need to grow a sustainable business and make a difference where it really matters.


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SoCap Accelerate to announce partnerships with Frost Brown Todd, Rudler, Wunderfund, and Canned Spinach and List of Program Mentors.


SoCap Accelerate, today, announces four new key partnerships for their Social Capital-based health innovation accelerator program hosted out of Northern Kentucky University’s Institute for Health Innovation. These partnerships support the SoCap Accelerate plan to enhance and support health innovation ideas and companies with the power of community support.

These partnerships will lend connections to legal support and guidance from Frost Brown Todd a dynamic full-service law firm. Accounting assistance from Rudler, an energetic public accounting firm. Crowdinvesting support from Wunderfund a portal helping entrepreneurs and small businesses raise capital using an online public offering. And digital presence support from Canned Spinach, a digital design firm focusing on user experience.

“SoCap Accelerate strives to use community-based resources to enhance and propel the leaders in health innovation… the goal of focusing a program around the community sets the company up for long-term success by not only succeeding as a company but propelling the entire region.” Kara Willis SoCap Accelerate

How These Partnerships Impact Our Program

Frost Brown Todd
A full-service law firm with more than 525 lawyers across a nine-state footprint. Dedicated to refining the art of client service, they leverage technical, industry, and legal knowledge and hands-on experience to serve a diverse client base, from leading multinationals to small, entrepreneurial companies.

They will provide 60-90 minutes discussions with companies to learn about their business, as well as their current contrast for employment, consulting, NDA, website TOU and PP, and also anything they should consider protecting as a trade secret, patent, copyright, trademark, as well as current and future software licensing considerations such as third party software, open-source software, and software/data they currently or might license to others. as well as help with plotting and executing IP strategy, sharing portions with potential investors and a quarterly update and refresh. 

An independent public accounting firm in Greater Cincinnati with more than 50 years of experience. They look for clients and referral sources who want a business partner to guide a variety of decisions: tax planning, accounting systems, and staffing, benefits and insurance, business valuation, and ownership transitions.

Rudler will assist SoCap Accelerate’s cohorts with a range of services provided in their startup and emerging company services. This includes efficient CFO Services a strategic service that customizes a plan to fit a company’s specific needs. Virtual Back Office, an efficient business service that provides an entire suite of accounting services to clients. As well as, income tax preparation, research and development credits, IRS state and local audit and representation and prepared, complied, reviews, and audited financial statements.

A crowd investing portal helping entrepreneurs and small businesses raise capital using an online public offering. Companies ranging from tech, real estate, healthcare, and restaurants can engage the general public of investors using SEC guidelines managed through Wunderfund. Later this year, Wunderfund & Global Medical Holdings, a Lexington based private equity firm are launching a healthcare-focused funding portal in a joint venture called Wunderfund Health. They want to improve the health and well-being of people everywhere by connecting patients, startups, and investors together.

They will assist cohort companies by providing access to their online crowdfunding portal.
Marvin Abrinica, CEO of Wunderfund notes:
“There is a growing need for early-stage financing and development support for healthcare-related small business startups. They require the dedicated support and determined effort of investors who understand the healthcare system”

Canned Spinach
A digital experience agency focused on designing and developing unique experiences that drive action. The full-service agency has helped startups, Fortune 500’s and everything in between exceed their business goals in exciting and impactful ways, by always placing user experience (UX) at the center of everything they do. From websites to custom software and apps, Canned Spinach can help your company grow through a focus on digital strategy.

With a team of experienced design and product builders, Canned Spinach will help SoCap Accelerate’s cohort of companies build and/or optimize their digital presence by constructing a digital platform and product focused on user experience.Our MentorsSoCap Accelerate has also rallied an exceptional group of mentors to help guide our cohorts. Our Mentors are a pivotal part of our social-based programming.

These Mentors include:
Andrew Savitz Software Development & Design
Dan Tillett, Accounting Services (Trademarks, patents, and copyrights)
David Willbrand, Legal Services (Fundraising)
Doug Ladd, Entrepreneurship and Commercialization
Eric Cook, Legal Services (Data Security and Privacy)
James Marable, Digital Marketing and Social Media Strategy
Marvin Abrinica, Marketing, and Crowdfunding
Patrick Henshaw, Growth and Scale

The power of innovation in health is real. Across the globe, the need and demand for solutions and pioneering products continue to rise. Whether its to improve quality and efficiency of care, advance diagnostics, and treatment, enhance the patient and provider experience or find a cure for Covid-19, these innovate breakthroughs are revolutionizing the possibilities for solving some of the most urgent health challenges around the world. SoCap Accelerate was created to bring the next leaders in health innovation to the forefront in our region. With these community partnerships and mentors, we can carry out SoCap Accelerate’s mission to find, nurture, and grow the next ideas in health innovation.

Feel free to contact us anytime, we're happy to connect.