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What to expect:

  • Orientation Leaders (OLs)  are very much the "faces" of our university and are utilized in a variety of manners to convey the NKU experience.
  • OLs have fun, and in turn, they foster an environment that helps incoming students develop an identity as a member of the Norse community.
  • OLs will make telecounseling calls to incoming students to remind them of next steps, escort students and family members to different events/activities on campus, and assist in the preparation of Northern Exposure events.
  • OLs are also expected to be knowledgable of campus and be willing to give tours to first-time freshman and perspective students.
  • OLs will be prompt and dutiful.
  • OLs will be respectful of each other, their supervisors, faculty & staff, new students and guests.
  • OLs will complete an eight week long leadership practicum 1-credit hour course, LDR 396, available to hired OLs (only) by permit, beginning January 2021.
  • OLs are encouraged to avoid additional employment, and/or classes, during the orientation season (May-August).
  • OLs will, most importantly, have the best summer of their lives ... to date.