New Student Orientation

You've worked hard to get here and you should be proud! We are here to help you figure out your next steps and keep moving forward. We can't wait to meet you!

Welcome to Norse Nation!

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Northern Exposure: Registration and Orientation

Parent & Family Programs

Families who are knowledgeable about campus resources and involved in their student's education are a key factor in helping students to succeed in college. As a family member of an NKU student, it is important for you to get involved and stay informed in order to best support your student's education, as well as their transition to adulthood. We offer multiple ways for you to help your student succeed. You can find out more here.


Financial Planning Workshops

This workshop is for families and soon-to-be NKU students. With hands-on practice and a breakdown of real costs, you will leave this session with all the information you need to prepare for the financial commitment that comes with college. Topics covered will include: Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity offered, based on feedback from current NKU families! Visit to register.

• The real cost of college (what should you consider when you tally the “total price”?)

• Types of student aid and what they mean to you

 • NKU financial resources available for students and families • Tips for effectively and realistically budgeting for college

 • And much more!

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Victor Guide Requirements

·         2.5 cumulative GPA or higher

·         Involvement in 1 or more student organizations (or equivalent leadership experience through off-campus organizations or work experience)

·         In good academic standing and social standing 

·         Available to attend both training dates (Pick One: April 3 or April 18 AND August 7) and all of Orientation (Thursday, August 16-August 18)

·         Commuter students wishing to apply must have transportation and a place to stay during the August training. Housing will not be provided for commuter Victor Guides.


Victor Guide Position Benefits

·         2 Victor Guide t-shirts

·         If a residential student, ability to move on campus early

·         Meals will be covered during the duration of the Orientation program

·         Great resume enhancer

·         Ability to promote your organization to a captive audience!

·         Opportunity to positively impact an incoming freshman’s transition to college

·         Great stepping stone to becoming an Orientation Leader/RA

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