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The Institute for Health Innovation focuses on three areas of need in Kentucky: Chronic Illness, Social Determinants of Health, and Future Health Leaders. Each focus area represents several programs tackling different aspects of the unmet health needs.


Chronic Illness

The Institute for Health Innovationworks with the hardest hit communities in northern Kentucky, bringing hope and providing solutions for chronic illness.

Social Determinants of Health Applied Research

As part of the Institute and NKU's commitment to forging partnerships to address population health initiatives, the Institute is looking specifically at social determinants of health.

Future Health Leaders

NKU and the Institute are uniquely positioned in Northern Kentucky to create a pipeline to reduce the future health care worker shortage and bring underserved and minority students into health care programs.

Accelerating Innovation

Through grants and partnerships, we are stimulating regional health care innovation and supporting health care workforce development. Our on-campus programs support innovative research and teaching in health, health care, and the social determinants of health.