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The Institute for Health Innovation at Northern Kentucky University was established in 2018 to encompass teaching, research, outreach, advocacy, and policy initiatives around population health. We drive change that directly addresses urgent unmet health needs.





Annual Reports


Internal Advisory Board


Sue Ott Rowlands, Provost

Mike Hales, VP for Finance

Kevin Kirby, Dean, College of Informatics

Dale Stephenson, Dean, College of Health and Human Services

Diana McGill, Dean, College of Arts and Sciences

Samantha Langley, Vice Provost GERO

Gary Ozanich, Faculty Representative


External Advisory Board



John Hart, VP Marketing, Xact Surgical

Matt Doyle: R&D Innovation Leader, Procter & Gamble

Yousuf J. Ahmad: President and CEO of AssureCare 



O’dell Owens: President and CEO, Interact for Health and InterAct for Change 


Workforce Development

Sarah Giolando: Chief Strategy Officer, St. Elizabeth Healthcare

Peggy Hostetter (retired): Director of the Cincinnati Children’s Research Foundation; Chief Medical Officer of Cincinnati Children's Hospital and Medical Center; and B.K. Rachford Professor and Chair of the Department of Pediatrics, University of Cincinnati

Steve Haist: Associate Dean for UK College of Medicine at NKU



Barry Smith: Director, Institute for Philosophy, Institute for Advanced Study, University of London; Director, Centre for the Study of the Senses, University of London; and Arts and Humanities Research Council’s Leadership Fellow for the Science in Culture Theme

Kim Moser: Kentucky House of Representatives and Chair of the Health and Human Services Committee

Mark Rothstein: Director of the Institute for Bioethics, Health Policy, and Law, University of Louisville


Diversity and Inclusion

Bleuzette Marshall: Vice-President for Diversity and Inclusion, University of Cincinnati

Georgia Heise: Director, Three Rivers Health Department



Jessica Solomon Fisher: Chief Innovations Officer, Public Health National Center for Innovations

Tom Rosenberger: Vice-President for Communications, Mayfield Brain and Spine