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Jen Cellio

Jen Cellio

Interim Executive Director of the Honors College
FH 295F
(859) 572-5946

Dr. Cellio arrived at NKU in 2009. She is a Professor of English and also serves NKU as the Director of the Writing Program. In this role, she works together with faculty and staff in nearly every department and unit across campus to support students’ academic success through writing and literacy. In addition, Dr. Cellio served as Chair of the QEP (Quality Enhancement Program), a position that enabled her to oversee the selection of a university-wide learning initiative: GEAR Up for Information Literacy.
Dr. Cellio earned her BA in Microbiology and English at Miami University before pursuing an MA in Literature at the University of Idaho. She returned to Miami to complete her PhD in Composition and Rhetoric.

Dr. Cellio has been instrumental in the development of curriculum for HNR 101 and HNR 102, the pair of first-year courses that introduce honors students to the college as well as the research and writing activities attendant to the honors curriculum. In addition, she has led workshops for honors faculty and collaborated with the Dean of the Honors College to implement strategies for increasing student access and equity.