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Aluor Nyamor


"The CState 2 NKU degree pathway enabled me to grow along with my passion for learning, while also my expanding career opportunities. Not only was the transition painless, but the skills I learned in my associate’s degree are highly valued as I work towards my bachelor’s in Computer Information Technology."

Aluor Nyamor
Computer Information Technology Transfer Student

Fall & Spring Semester Transfers Welcome

NKU is here to help you achieve your dreams!  If you work full-time, you can earn a BS degree at night! In addition, many of our classes are offered online and we continue to develop opportunities for working professionals pursuing future goals. 
If you have questions, email

Dr. Marius Truta
Director, School of Computing and Analytics

Current Pathways

The School of Computing and Analytics supports dual enrollment with 2-year schools and this is done through formal pathways with two-year schools in the area.  The pathway provides many benefits defined at your 2-year institution as well as providing you a degree plan detailing how your credits apply to your 2-year degree and 4-year degree at NKU.  The pathway is your guarantee of transfer credits to NKU upon completion of your associate’s degree and all classes required at your 2-year school.

If this is your first year at a 2-year school then the following pathways apply to you. Please work with your 2-year school to join the pathway program!

Visit our Pathway Page to learn more.

Course Equivalencies

Students thinking about transferring to NKU but aren’t part of Pathway program can figure out how many of their credits will transfer.  Current course equivalencies can be looked up in either of the links below.  If your class is not listed then NKU’s transfer services will work with the appropriate department to determine course equivalencies.  If you believe there is an error in an equivalency, please talk with your advisor at NKU and email the chair of the appropriate department.

Visit our Equivalency Page to learn more.

Previous Pathways

Pathways are updated regularly, and finding the pathway in place when you started your studies can be hard.  Below is a list of previous pathways between NKU and partnering institutions.  Your pathway should be located based on your school, degree and the year you enrolled in the pathway program.