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Computing and analytics touch nearly every aspect of our lives.

By earning a degree in one of the computing fields, a student gets a behind-the-scenes look at the digital world, moving from being a user of information technology to becoming a creator and a decision-maker.

The School of Computing and Analytics offers multiple degrees and operates as a combination of three program clusters: Computer Science & Software Engineering (CS&SE), Cybersecurity & Information Technology (CYS&IT), Information Systems & Analytics (IS&A)

By earning a degree in one of the applied information systems fields, a student becomes a leader in this age of digital transformation, in which the worlds of business and healthcare rely on sophisticated technology for process management and data analytics. Graduates from our School become highly capable problem solvers who are intellectually agile, technically skilled and ethically responsible.

Unique Student Experiences & Opportunities

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Internships & Co-Ops

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Scholarships & Awards


Charlotte (Charly) Kalfas

Dr. Victoria Uti

"Give everything you’ve got to your studies and excel in your classes. But that isn’t enough. At every opportunity, do more than what is expected of you.."

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Mackenzie Manley

Sarah Martin

"As students, we can do fantastic things with what we’re learning, build whatever we want, and create magic every day."

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Brittany Smart

Abdikadar Ali

"After my high school graduation, I knew NKU was the right institution for
my next educational journey. I chose NKU because it goes beyond
professors' caring. At the Norse family, everyone cares."

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Shelly Deavy

Alli Zembrodt

"My favorite thing about my majors is how small my classes are which allows me to interact with my professors and other students on a more personal level."

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