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The School of Computing and Analytics

Computing and analytics touch nearly every aspect of our personal and professional lives.

By earning a degree in one of the computing fields, a student gets a behind-the-scenes look at the digital world, moving from being a user of information technology to becoming a creator and a decision-maker.

By earning a degree in one of the applied information systems fields, a student becomes a leader in this age of digital transformation, in which the worlds of business and healthcare rely on sophisticated technology for process management and data analytics. 

Graduates from our School become highly capable problem solvers who are intellectually agile, technically skilled and ethically responsible.

Preparing for a Career in Computing and Analytics


Online micro-credentials can demonstrate your mastery of relevant workplace skills, abilities and competencies, which is professionally invaluable not only to you, but also to your employer!  We offer microcredentials with combinations of graduate courses ranging from introductory courses to cybersecurity! 

Information Technology


All faculty have active research projects and provide research experiences for our undergraduate and graduate students.  

Department Research

Student/Alumni Spotlight

Image of Griffin Burkhardt

Griffin Burkhardt

Major: Business Information Systems

Minor: Business

Graduated: 2020


Tell us about your current role.

I have recently accepted a position with Bon Secours Mercy Health (BSMH) as a Sourcing Analyst primarily focusing on the supply chain, finance, and analytics space. The term "sourcing" represents the process of purchasing medical supplies from vendors while jumping through the many hoops of determining the most efficient price, quantity, delivery process, business relationship, contract term, etc. With this, I provide a variety of analytical reports that require touches of data science, business intelligence, and data analytics within Excel to help make decisions on those vendors. Another way to describe my position is an analytical Jack of All Trades because the medical industry is always evolving, thus consistently producing new technological challenges. Those medical supplies from vendors will then eventually be delivered to our various hospitals and facilities for faculty to provide care for our patients!

Favorite NKU Memory

This is such a tough question, although my favorite memory, or memories, were meeting with the incoming Freshman class during summer orientation as an Ambassador. I was able to help the Class of 2021, 2022, and 2023 and it was always a pretty cool moment seeing the next generation of students gearing up for their next four years as well as reflecting on my first time stepping into the College of Informatics. I really enjoyed listening to the interests of each student and being able to provide my tidbits of advice as an upperclassman. Hopefully, something stuck with someone although, regardless, I knew that those students would be able to achieve great things while at NKU.

Experiential Learning/Involvement in College

My involvement in college ran the gamut, ranging from the College of Informatics Ambassadors, the Business Informatics Department Search Committee, the GriffinFest competitions, the Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce, the Center for Applied Informatics (Informatics+), hackathons at the University of Kentucky and Saint Louis University, volunteer work with local K-12 schools, and other miscellaneous things around. The most significant takeaway looking back on my past four years was the amazing environment the College of Informatics created to foster the ideas and passions of others. I felt that there were many opportunities to get involved not only with the college but with a group of students and staff that possessed the same excitement as myself. In conjunction with this, I believe experiential learning creates a much more engaging and realistic approach to learning material, whether that was through my extracurricular activities or my coursework. Getting hands-on classroom experience smoothly translates to industry experience in addition to creating an environment where students can become confident in their actions.

Advice for students? 

Do not let fear hold you back. College naturally brings some of the most intense and stressful moments for students and it is important to face them head-on and accomplish them rather than pushing them aside. Some of my most impactful moments throughout my undergraduate were also some of my most intimidating moments, however, I knew that they were obstacles that would really help my future self—they were the catalyst that provides the life I am able to live today! While it is easy to get caught up in the present moment with the mountain of assignments, projects, and exams, remember that there are a small handful of one-time-only opportunities at school that may just influence the next five to ten years of your life. As Elon Musk once said, “I could either watch it happen or be a part of it.” You got this, friend!

Image of Griffin Goepper

Griffin Goepper

Major: Business Information Systems

Minor: Business

Graduated: Fall 2020


Upcoming Plans

I was just hired at GE Aviation in their Digital Technology Leadership Program after I interned with them this past summer.  I start next month.

Extracurricular and Involvement at NKU

I was in Pi Kappa Alpha, held various positions with PIKE.  

Favorite NKU Memory

Playing intermural Flag Football, all my fun times in the fraternity, and every NKU Homecoming Tailgate.

Advice for Students

Don’t just get involved in organizations.  Lead in organizations.

Image of Karen Seidler

Karen Seidler

Major: Library Informatics

Minor: English

Graduated: Spring 2021


Goals After Graduation.

I plan to work at my local library while attending graduate school.

Favorite NKU Memory

My senior capstone experience working with Dr. Mary Chesnut and Dr. Jennifer Smith of Steely Library. 

Advice for students? 

Always do your best work. Don’t be afraid to ask questions or to ask for help. Be open to new opportunities and most of all, be willing to step outside of your comfort zone. 

Image of Emma Verst

Emma Verst

Major: Business Information Systems

Minor: Business

Graduated: Spring 2020


Tell us about your current role.

I currently work at Great American Insurance Company as an Associate Business Analyst in the Product, Data, Compliance Department (PDC).

I am part of a team in PDC that is working with other teams to develop a new policy entry system for our Business Units in order to retire our old system. I work closely with IT in analyzing policies and data that flow through our systems to ensure there are no issues/defects that need to be addressed. My team acts as system support for rules and data compliance as we work through our phases of the project: Development, User Acceptance Testing, and into Production. 

Favorite NKU Memory

I loved every minute of my time at NKU, so I am sure I could name quite a few. One great memory at NKU would be Homecoming week every year. I feel like this was a good chance to go enjoy all the fun events NKU would put on for their students. A few of my favorite Homecoming events to attend with my friends would've been the student Talent Show, the Hypnotist, the Step Show, and the Homecoming basketball game. Another favorite NKU memory was being a part of the COI Ambassadors. I barely knew anyone with my major going into college, and being part of this group gave me so many friendly faces as we passed one another in Griffin Hall. This program allowed me to experience new things and gain new personal and career opportunities. One of my favorite events put on by the COI Ambassador Program was when incoming students came to tour Griffin Hall and The College of Informatics for Freshman Orientation. As an ambassador, I was able to volunteer to help faculty explain everything about the college and its programs. This was a great opportunity to get to know faculty that I hadn't met yet and to be able to talk/give advice to the incoming freshman from a current student's perspective. Events like these are what helped me to become a confident leader, which has definitely transitioned over into my working position today. 

Experiential Learning/Involvement in College

I was involved in College of Informatics Ambassador Program and Kappa Delta Sorority. In my Junior year at NKU, I started an internship at Great American as a Auto Insurance User Acceptance Tester. This was a great learning experience, as it helped me transition into my full time role at Great American. 

Advice for students? 

Personally, I found that college was all about balance. I learned to balance a social life and an academic career. I definitely think it is important to meet new people, try new things/go to events you normally would not, and to join groups and programs. Have fun along your college journey, but also remember your future career is what you are working towards over these few years. Always be looking to network when possible. Start early with reaching out to professors and faculty for guidance on internships or any opportunity that will push you to excel academically. Don't be afraid to ask questions or for advice, because everyone at NKU wants to see you succeed. 

Image of Celine Wardrop

Celine Wardrop

Major: Computer Science

Minors: Psychology and Mathematics

Graduated May 2021


Tell us about your new job and what you will be doing?artment?

After graduation I will begin working as a software developer for Invar Systems, a company in Northern Kentucky that develops warehouse automation software.

Co-Curricular activities/involvement in college?

During my time at NKU I worked as a teaching assistant for the Introduction to Programming course where I helped students learn foundational concepts for Computer Science. I also helped in reforming the Women in Informatics club which sought to provide a space for women in IT related fields to connect and help each other. Outside of NKU, I worked as a programmer/analyst intern at Western & Southern Financial Group which gave me my first exposure to applying programming concepts to solve real-world problems.

Favorite NKU Memory?

I had the opportunity to attend two Tri-State Women in Computing (TriWiC) conferences, one smaller conference held at Owensboro Community & Technical College and a larger conference held at Eastern Kentucky University. Both of those conferences were amazing experiences where I was able to connect and network with other people in my field and also spend time getting to know fellow NKU students. 

Advice for students?

My main advice to students is something that has really helped me out a lot over the last four years. And that is to remember that other people aren’t worried about you as much as you think they are. It can sometimes feel like you have a spotlight on you and everyone is watching and taking note of what you do, but the reality is that everyone is just worried about themselves and is probably not paying attention. As a secondary piece of advice, I would highly recommend engaging with your professors. They can and want to provide opportunities for you to learn, grow, and succeed. Those connections you make will be incredibly valuable. 

Image of Nick Kaufman

Nick Kaufman

Major: Mathematics and Computer Science

Graduated May 1985



I was Vice President of Software Solutions for The Kroger Co. reporting to the CIO.  Our teams were responsible for developing and implementing the various software applications that supported our lines of business including supply chain, e-commerce, store operations, pharmacy, finance, merchandising,  human resources and data analytics.

Giving Back

I have served two separate terms on the NKU COI Dean's Advisory Board.  During my Kroger career I was a huge advocate for NKU and we hired many NKU intern and co-op students.   We also established the Kroger Innovation Lab on the 4th floor of Griffin Hall to help NKU students find rewarding career paths within Information Technology.  I have been involved with several charities over the years but the most rewarding was being part of the Big Brother / Big Sister program for 12 years.

Favorite NKU Memory

I met my wife Kathy at NKU in 1984.  She was a Chemistry major.  We met in the Mathematics Lab in what used to be the Natural Science Center. (I think it is called Founders Hall now.)  We have been happily married since 1986.  

Advice for Students

Never stop learning.  Technology is constantly evolving.  Have several trusted sources (peer groups, blogs, user conferences, advisors, etc.) to help you understand where your industry is heading and how technology will define it. 

Griffin Hall NKU Campus


NKU'S Computer Science Department receives the 2020 Academic Unit Excellence in Access Award.

image of students looking at a computer


NKU's designation as a National Center of Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense Education has been renewed by the National Security Agency and the Department of Homeland Security!

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When Filters Compromise Security

Dr. Maureen Doyle explains what actually happens when someone downloads FaceApp.

"When you agree to use the app and download it, you're saying they can take that picture and use it in whatever way they want, so they might as well own it,” said Dr. Doyle, professor and chair of the computer science department at Northern Kentucky University.

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Professor Tackles Ad Tracking

Currently, targeted ad tracking is a threat to personal privacy, but it is not a business-level threat. Yi Hu, a professor in the Department of Computer Science at Northern Kentucky University, agreed. His research concentrates on data security, data mining, information assurance, database systems and trust management in cyberspace.

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