Fuel the growth and success of multinational corporations with a career in international business. You’ll find many exciting opportunities for work at home and abroad. An increasing number of businesses now conduct business globally. In international business you’ll engage with global and cultural business issues as an import/export agent, translator, foreign currency investment advisor, foreign sales representative, international management consultant and more.


Is a degree in International Business for me?

In order to be successful in International Business you must be open to learning new
cultures and customs. Careers in this field involve a lot of travel and interactions with people of different cultures, therefore respecting traditions and customs is critical in order to do successful business. Being an efficient communicator is another critical skill needed for this major. Many students learn a second or third language to aid their business relations.


What will I learn as an International Business major?

The International Business program provides a multi-disciplinary curriculum led by faculty with extensive international expertise, experience and backgrounds. Each course exposes students to the vast complexities of our changing world, and helps them to develop the skills needed to make effective business decisions in environments of increasing globalization, greater uncertainty and multiple perspectives. Graduates will be prepared to earn two internationally recognized professional credentials to add value to their resume: the ACTFL Language Proficiency and the Certified Global Business Professional designations.


Learning Abroad

A key outcome of the International Business program is the understanding of the impact diverse cultural backgrounds and life experiences have on the appropriate solution of business problems. The best way to learn this is to experience another culture first-hand. That’s why all International Business students are required to complete a meaningful, credit-bearing international academic experience. Options range from regular spring semester courses with an international travel component, to multi-week summer experiences, to semester-long exchanges at partner universities around the world and to international internships. Students will work individually with the college’s Director of International Business to decide which type of international experience will best meet their career and life goals. Scholarships will help defray travel expenses and are available from a variety of sources.


Alumni Spotlight

“I am so glad that I put my fear of flying on the back burner and signed up to study abroad. I gained international business experience by making a strategic recommendation to a foreign client, made new friends, and got to explore a breathtaking city. I tried new foods, used public transportation, and learned about how things are done outside of the US. It is 100% worth the cost and I highly recommend it to every student."

Alexandra Lindner, '17
Study Abroad in Praque, Czech Republic

Job Outlook

  • According to the Office of Personnel Management, Foreign Affairs Specialist was the 90th most popular job in the U.S. Government in 2016, with 2,787 employed.
  • In 2016, the Department of Energy hired the most employees titled Foreign Affairs, with an average salary of $129,571.


Dr. Ed Fenton
Director of International Business
(859) 572-5891



Graduates in this major have a variety of career options such as:

  • International Marketing Manager
  • International Development Manager
  • Import/Export Manager
  • International Purchasing Manager
  • International Banking and Finance
  • International Supply Chain and Trade