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Graduates of our internationally ranked INKUBATOR program go on to turn their entrepreneurial ideas into viable businesses. Read about one of the successes below.
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Q&A with Ian Herzog, Founder of Experitix


Tell us about your business/concept.

Experitix connects people to special moments. It's events, donations, and scheduling - made EASY.

What are the roots for the idea and why does the world need it?

Experitix started as an idea for a digital ticket solution for high school sporting events. Now, Experitix handles the needs of small to complex organizations in managing all of their events, fundraising, and scheduling on a single platform, that streamlines the communication to the end user - reducing complexity, and providing a single end point for their consumer. All in all, it makes things easier. Who doesn't need that?!

What attracted you to the INKUBATOR? Why is it a good fit for you/your idea?

I had heard great things about the INKUBATOR and had some friends who urged me to apply. It is a great fit for me because I'm a College of Informatics Alum and they have great connections with the community who also shares experience in similar ventures as mine. 

How did the INKUBATOR help you bring your idea to life?

Through the classroom discussion, the 1:1 mentoring, the connections to the community, and the weekly assignments, we went through the right exercises at the right times to help take it from an idea to a well thought out solution that with a real product/market fit. 

What is the most important lesson you learned on your journey?

When I came in on day 1, I thought I had a great idea. Working through the rigor and processes of the INKUBATOR really tested my idea. The original concept is still in the product, but the overall vision has changed and been refined. I am now more confident than ever that Experitix is solving a real problem for people. Had I developed my whole solution without the INKUBATOR I probably wouldn't have had the right product - one that people need and want to use. I would have just had a product that I thought people needed, but that no one would use. That's the big difference.

Tell us how the INKUBATOR changed your life.

The INKUBATOR connected me to the startup community. If you are serious about creating a startup, the INKUBATOR will provide you with the right people, tools, and processes that will maximize your chances of doing it, and doing it right the first time.