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MBA Program Quadruples in Size

In August 2017, our newly designed Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) program launched. The 33-hour program with multiple start dates each year enables students to work full time and take classes on-campus in the evening or online. Your time is valuable, so we’ve built this MBA so that you can move quickly through the curriculum with 5-week courses. The response to this new structure has been overwhelmingly positive, with over 150 enrolled students, quadrupling the program size in less than one year.

In addition to foundational courses ranging from “Intro to Info Systems in Organizations” to “Strategies for High Performing Organizations,” students complete two stack areas giving them the opportunity to develop depth of knowledge in current, high-interest topical business areas. Stack course offerings will vary; topics range from leadership, business analytics, finance, innovation and/or another area of the student’s election, designed with program director approval.

Ryan Wilker, current MBA student and Graduate Assistant in Athletic Communications, has really enjoyed his time in the MBA program, “The professors have a wealth of real-world experience and the topics that we cover in the courses can be directly applied to our careers. I have had the chance to work with students from many different backgrounds, which has enhanced the learning experience for everyone involved.” Currently enrolled students range from accountants, to doctors and nurses, managers, attorneys and even a dentist.

The MBA program is designed to take your career to the next level, whether that be an advancement in your current organization or a shift to a new industry. To learn more about meeting your career goals and increasing your earning potential click here.

Candice Bridge
“There were a variety of different educational and occupational backgrounds within my class. Quite a few of us, including myself, did not have an undergraduate degree in business. Every professor was understanding of our different backgrounds and helped us with whatever we were unfamiliar with – always uplifting and encouraging us to put forth our best work, pushing us past our limits.” Candice Bridge, MBA ‘17