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Brooklyn Stephens named 2021-22 Overall Outstanding Haile College of Business Undergraduate Student
Brooklyn Stephens pictured with Dean Hassan HassabElnaby and Department Chair Gary Clayton
Brooklyn Stephens was named the 2021-22 Overall Outstanding Haile College of Busines Undergraduate Student and the 2021-22 Oustanding Student in Economics.

May 11, 2022 - The Haile College of Business annually recognizes a handful of outstanding graduates for their personal commitments to their classwork, the university and the surrounding communities. Awards are presented to the most outstanding students in each discipline of the college and then there is the Overall Outstanding Haile College of Business Undergraduate Student.

The Overall Outstanding Haile College of Business Undergraduate Award is the highest student honor bestowed by the Haile College of Business. In choosing the recipient, faculty nominate students who demonstrate outstanding academic performance, leadership in extracurricular activities, and high potential for future leadership in the individual’s professional life, among other things. The 2021-22 recipient of this coveted award is Brooklyn Stephens.

Throughout Stephens' collegiate career, she has demonstrated academic success – achieving a 4.0 GPA each semester and graduating with summa cum laude honors. She also was presented with the Best Undergraduate Paper at the 2021 Kentucky Economic Association Undergraduate Research Conference. But Stephens is more than just brains, she has proved leadership capabilities in activities, organizations and internships that challenged her outside of the classroom. Most notable has been her involvement with NKU’s Center for Economic Education, which strives to increase economic and personal finance literacy in the region. Stephens served as a Research Fellow, preparing data for research projects and presentations, authoring an empirical research paper and supporting fundraising opportunities for the center.

“This is well deserved recognition for Brooklyn,” said Abdullah Al-Bahrani, Director of the Center for Economic Education and Associate Professor in Economics. “She always brings her A-game, is passionate about making a difference and is a true leader. It has been a true privilege to see her continued growth during her academic career at NKU.”

Stephens’ academic career doesn’t end here though. She begins Gatton College of Business and Economics’ accelerated One-Year MBA program at the University of Kentucky this June.


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