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Program Type: Undergraduate

Degree Awarded: B.A. in Anthropology Select the degree to view its requirements and four-year plan.

Department: Sociology, Anthropology, Philosophy

We prepare students both for career opportunities and graduate work in anthropology. Anthropology is the study of human beings, both biologically and culturally, in the past and present, mostly in the non-Western world, mostly through the method of fieldwork and/or labwork. Our anthropology program is home to exceptionally dedicated faculty with a variety of distinct academic specializations, including the subfields of cultural anthropology (study of the great variety of societies and cultures in the world today); archaeology (study of past societies and cultures); biological anthropology (study of the evolution and biological nature of humans and our primate relatives); anthropological linguistics (study of language and its relationship to culture); and applied anthropology (the use of anthropological knowledge to help solve practically oriented problems). We offer students opportunities to go on archaeology digs, develop museum exhibits, conduct observations and research at the Cincinnati Zoo, do research with various peoples throughout the state and nation, serve as research assistants to faculty, and travel to places such as Belize, Thailand, Ireland, Kenya, and Fiji.

Program Contacts

Dr. Yaw A. Frimpong-Mansoh
Department Chair

Students in the Spotlight

Allison Parrot

Allison Parrot

Graduating Year: 2020

Education: Anthroplogy Major

Career: Graduate Student

"Everything I experienced within the last 4 years has changed my life completely and I could not have done it without the anthropology staff at NKU. I cannot even begin to thank everyone for the support and push you have given me to succeed!"

Allison is a Graduate Student at Goucher College, with a focus on cultural sustainability. She previously worked at the Ojibwe cultural museum on the Mille Lacs Reservation. Her position allowed her to attend community ceremonies and learn historical Native American skills. She has also worked at the George Ranch Historical Park in Richmond (in Texas) as the site supervisor of two historical homes at this living history museum. She has also worked in museums in many different departments in Ohio and Minnesota. Her anthropology degree helped her to develop skills and experiences in program design, visitor/membership services, historic interpretation, historic home preservation and management.

Find Your Passions & Build Your Future

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  • Co-curricular Opportunities: We offer various opportunities for you to actively engage with faculty and your fellow students through our vibrant SAPiens Student Society, Lambda Alpha National Anthropology Honor Society, and Tuath an Ard Tíre Ardaí: The Celtic Studies Club.
  • Internships: Our students have numerous internship opportunities in the Northern Kentucky/Greater Cincinnati area including opportunities with the Cincinnati Museum Center, the Parker Academy, etc. Other internship opportunities include national park services (and their cultural resources diversity program), American Museum of Natural History, Earthwatch Institute.
  • Career Explorations: Our innovative, interdisciplinary courses, such as ANT 202: Biological Anthropology, ANT 321: Medical Anthropology, ANT 330: Women, Gender, and Culture, ANT 345: Environmental Anthropology, provide a glimpse into various careers in anthropology. Or you might be interested in other various opportunities we offer in archaeology digs, museum exhibits, observations and research at the Cincinnati Zoo, research with various peoples throughout the state and nation, research assistants to faculty, or a study abroad in Belize, Thailand, Ireland, Kenya, and Fiji.

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