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Program Type: Undergraduate

Degree Awarded: B.A. in English  Select the degree to view its requirements and four-year plan.

Department: English

Do you enjoy reading and writing? Do you aim to become a business-savvy tech writer, a flexible thinker who brings the skills of critical analysis and research to fields like law or non-profit activism, a passionately creative novelist, a dedicated teacher, or a social media expert? English at NKU provides students with opportunities to think broadly, deeply, creatively, and analytically, as well as develop skills in research and writing that employers value. From social media management and public relations to education to editing, publishing and journalism, you’ll find a meaningful career with programs in the English Department.

Program Contacts

Dr. Andrea Gazzaniga
Professor, English, Chair

Students in the Spotlight

Mackenzie Manley

Mackenzie Manley

Graduating Year: 2018

Education: BA in English – Creative Writing Track

"You are more than your job, career and major. Most of us are still trying to figure ourselves post-graduation. It’s important to find sources of happiness and identity outside of your day job. Life is meant to be lived, to connect with others and to care for those in and outside of our community. We are more than our work.  And explore! With writing, you may encounter what feels like an avalanche of rejection emails, but it makes those acceptances even sweeter. It’s also humbling. There is so much room to grow as a writer and person, outside of academia. I would also say to not limit yourself to any one thing. That’s one of the highlights of being an English major!"

What they do: Letting people know about the fun activities at the library and writing stories about cool art events in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky.

Necessary job skills: Writing and communication skills; interest and knowledge about local cultural events; working as part of a team.

Career plan: Professional writer and editor.

Find Your Passions & Build Your Future

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  • Student Organizations and Activities: From our student publications Loch Norse Magazine and Pentangle to open mic nights to the Quill and the Scroll, our student organization, there are so many ways to get involved in our student community.
  • Internships: Put your skills and talents into real world action and learn how employers value what English majors have to offer. Our internship coordinator can help you find an internship or coop that’s right for you, and your internship experience can count as your capstone experience in the major.
  • Scholarships and Awards: We feature a variety of scholarships and awards to help support your success in English at NKU.


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Experience NKU

Our campus is more than classrooms. It’s a hive of activity and connections that instantly feel familiar. Come walk it, take it in, check it out.

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Financial Aid

A variety of financial assistance is available, from grants to scholarships, loans to veteran benefits.