Building The Future of Health Care in Our Community

Coming Fall 2018

Northern Kentucky University is constructing a new facility that will support an integrated portfolio of programs to prepare health care professionals and to provide solutions to the population health and wellness challenges of the region and Commonwealth.

These training programs and research activities will respond to the transformational changes presently taking place in the health care industry.

Helping Our Region

The Health Innovation Center will house cross-disciplinary programs that break down old silos to create new solutions to existing problems.

Chronic Illness is not Going Away

  • In 2015, population growth projections show
    • 149 million citizens with chronic illnesses nationally (47.7%)
    • Similar or higher % expected for  citizens in Kentucky
  • If nothing is done, chronic illness is expected to increase by 42% in 2023 with an economic impact of $4.2 trillion
  • Kentucky is one of the 5 least healthy states (West Virginia, Tennessee, Arkansas and Mississippi)
  • Emphasis on prevention and early detection of disease could reduce the number of cases by 40 million

Consumer-driven demand

  • Economic growth is impacted by Healthy Citizens
  • Health care is an economic driver for the region.
  • A thoughtful, integrated, teaching-research model can target
    • improving the health of the NKY workforce, and
    • studying ways to reduce costs such as cost containment through employee health self-management
  • The 2020 Healthy Citizens community health model  integrates these diverse ideas toward a common health care focus.

Areas of Emphasis

  • Facilities provide active learning, experiential-based, simulated environment for health care practice, health related decision making and applied biomedical research.
  • Areas of emphasis for the health innovations center based on faculty expertise and community need include:
    • Consumer Health Initiative
    • Workplace Wellness/Productivity Management
    • Decision Science/Human Resource Support/Consumer Driven Health Insurance
    • Applied Brain Research/Drug Delivery & Toxicity/Nano Technology

 Construction Progress — March 2017