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How will Project SEARCH work with NKU?


Project SEARCH is a partnership between NKU, Campbell County SchoolsBAWAC (supported employment agency), Northern Kentucky Collaborative for Educational Services and KY Office of Vocational Rehabilitation. NKU provides opportunities for training and education. Interns participate in the nine-month employment program in place of a typical school year assignment or adult training program and are referred to as Project SEARCH interns. Interns are responsible for their own transportation to the NKU campus. Public transportation is generally available and the Project SEARCH staff will provide travel training as needed. Lunch is typically the responsibility of the intern. Each intern works with up to three departments during the course of their time in the program. During the internship, the intern learns job-specific skills while having the opportunity to put employability skills into practice.

Interns are completely immersed at NKU, five days a week. Interns report to their facility, learn employability skills in a designated onsite classroom, and learn job skills while participating in a variety of internships/experiences. Managers and appointed mentors, supported by Project SEARCH staff at the internship sites, work with the interns to teach necessary skills and tasks. Interns get continual feedback from the internship site managers and mentors, co-workers, and Project SEARCH staff. A certificated special education teacher and skills trainers work with both the interns and the internship site staff.


What does Project SEARCH offer NKU?

  • Demonstrates to the employees, patients and their families, or customers that NKU embraces diversity and equal opportunities for all.
  • Provides role models to patients and customers with disabilities.
  • Provides a morale boost to the departments in which the interns train.
  • Provides access to resources provided by the community partners, which allows this program to operate at minimal cost to NKU.
  • Provides expertise and support in disability employment preparation via Project SEARCH staff who will always be on site when interns are present.

What does NKU offer Project SEARCH Interns?

  • An environment that embraces diversity and demonstrates strong commitment to the program.
  • A professional work environment that teaches marketable skills as well as skills specific to the industry sector.
  • Designated space to use as a training room.
  • A Business Liaison to Project SEARCH staff who can connect with department managers and facilitate the development of internship sites.
  • Supervisors and mentors in the internship sites/departments