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  • Alex Narramore

    Sculpted from Life

    “Growing the flowers and then sculpting them bridges even further into an art direction. I always wanted this to be seen as art and not craft. I think they are sculptures. I sculpt and paint as any artist would.”

  • NKU's First-Year Robotics Team Places Fourth in World Championship

    NKU's First-Year Robotics Team Places Fourth in World Championship

    NKU's student robotics team — NUKE Robotics — returns from the 2022 VEX Robotics World Championship ranked fourth overall in head-to-head competition within the technology division in the team's first full year of competition.

  • Alex Narramore

    Leap of Faith

    "I’m able to use my platform to impact others...Knowing that my art is making a difference in the world—big or small—is all I can ask for as an artist."

  • Kimberly Clayton-Code

    The Family Tradition

    "NKU was always my goal, and I got to be here with my dad having him as a trusted adviser on campus. And now my sons are here. I love it, and I love what I do. And, I guess I need to find a new goal now because I’m living it.”

  • Mia Derks

    University Service Award Winner: Mia Derks

    "I have had the opportunity to learn from people at NKU and in my community, which has provided me with an education that goes beyond just academics."

  • Gina Erardi

    A Renaissance Woman

    “Art can be a catalyst for community, for dialogue and for progress. "It can help us form a deeper understanding of each other, of our neighbors and where we find ourselves in this crazy world.”

  • Elizabeth Rozin

    Student Spotlight: Elizabeth Rozin

    “The first time I toured campus, it felt like home—I could see myself being here. I didn’t get quite the same feeling anywhere else."