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The BA in theatre is a liberal arts degree consisting of 39 credit hours. This degree often leads to graduate studies and sometimes to professional work immediately after graduation. It requires fewer theatre courses and less specificity in content than does the BFA degree. It also requires an area of concentration or minor.

The BA candidate is required to complete courses:

  • TAR 104 Intro to Theatre and Dance
  • TAR 110 Acting I
  • TAR 118 Stage Appearance
  • TAR 160 & 160L Stagecraft and Lab
  • TAR 340 Playscript Analysis
  • TAR 346 Theatre History

  • TAR 347 Dramatic Literature

  • TAR 446 Elective in Theatre History or Literature

Production Hour 3 Credit hours (choose 3 different course numbers TAR 390, 391, 490, 491)

15 Hours of electives in Groups I, IV, V, V (see the catalog for course group information)