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Chelsea Livers Gowdy

Chelsea Livers Gowdy

Graduating Year: 2019

Education: Major in Journalism

Share your journey to NKU. Why did you choose NKU?

"I originally began my college journey after I took a semester off of school after high school graduation. I attended Dean College Palladino school of dance as a dance major. I always knew I wanted to be involved in journalism. However, Dean did not offer the major/minor. As a student at Dean I created my ‘Own” journalism minor by taking classes that would credit when I decided to transfer. After a year at Dean I attended The Washington Center for Leadership and Success as an intern for the company ACTE. While at this internship I learned marketing, Public relation and journalism skills that eventually helped me decide that journalism was the major and career I wanted to pursue. After my internship I transferred to NKU as a journalism major with a communications minor."

Favorite NKU memory:

"I decided to join The Northerner to gain experience as a journalist and writer."

My favorite memory

"While at NKU was when I had my first story published. It wasn’t a big story- it was just about housing on campus. But this gave my the confidence and push I needed to pursue journalism as a career and to take it seriously."

Experiential Learning/Involvement in College

"I attended the national NABJ convention in 2019 in Miami Florida. NKU funded the trip and this was by far the best educational experience I had while attending the university. NABJ introduced me to a plethora of professionals and career fields within news that I did not know existed. Just being in the atmosphere was thrilling and an experience in itself."

Advice for future students.

"I advise all students who are interested in a career in news to take a creative route. Journalism is a career field that is not black and white. There is no “blueprint” on how you get there. I started as a dance major and now I am a morning show producer. The only experience I had in journalism before getting this job was published work at the northerner and a internship with FOX19. I suggest every student to take an internship within the news broadcast field if that is what they want to do. This is the easiest way to get in the door in a difficult industry like this. During an internship you can specifically telling managers and news directors that you want to work there and ask questions on how to make it happen. Always ask for what you want when it comes to your career and your dream; because no one is going to “hand” it to you."

Tell us about your current role and what you do.

"I began at FOX19 as an intern during my last semester senior year. The day I graduated from NKU I was offered a job as a weekend news producer at FOX19. Currently I am the 8am and 11am news producer and I serve as an Executive Producer over the morning show team. As a news producer we are responsible for our show- which is typically one hour. Producers select stories, write scripts for anchors, select video and soundbites related to the story, assist in deciding reporter stories and oversee their live show from start to finish (in the booth with the engineer). Overall Producers are the people who CREATE the various TV/news shows that you know and love."

Dan Griffin

Dan Griffin

Graduating Year: 2012

Education: Major in Electronic Media & Broadcasting, Minor in Political Science


"I have worked for WLWT News 5 as a General Assignment Reporter since December 2015.  Currently, I am a nightside reporter, meaning I cover the news from 2:30PM to 11:30PM each night and primarily focus on pulling together stories from the field for the 10PM and 11PM newscasts. This can mean everything from covering an exciting night for the Cincinnati Reds or Cincinnati Bengals, to a feature story about a local charity helping a family in need, to an extreme contrast of breaking news where there's been a dramatic car crash or a devastating shooting in a neighborhood. I've covered countless stories for WLWT including corruption at Cincinnati City Hall, the Fifth Third Center shooting, holiday travel and snowy days around the area, and the devastation felt by fans as Joe Burrow got hurt this year."

Extracurricular and Involvement at NKU

"I oftentimes look back at my time at NKU and wished I'd been more involved. During my time at NKU, I took as many classes as I could while also holding down a part-time job as a bank teller, working about 25-35 hours a week depending on the week. 

I know many students at NKU find themselves trying to find that delicate balance and make some memories. I will say, when I had free time or an off day from all of the normal responsibilities I carried, I really enjoyed visiting the library and the Campus Recreation Center (before it was renovated) to keep my mind and my body on the up and up. 

I also enjoyed watching a few NKU basketball games when I could. I made some of the best friends of my life while I lived in Norse Hall. We all came from different parts of the region, but we shared a lot of love for one another and our dreams and goals."

Favorite NKU Memory

"My favorite NKU memory would likely be the opening of Griffin Hall. No, it's not named after me! Though, I wish I could take the credit for such a fantastic facility. 

While I was studying Electronic Media and Broadcasting, I was spending the majority of my time in Landrum Hall. We were lucky to be able to shoot video and interviews on tape, ingest it (make it a file on the computer) and edit it once that was complete. When Griffin Hall opened, it presented a new world for those of us who dreamed of being in the television news business. I had never felt so proud or so empowered to chase my dream!"

Advice for Students

"My advice for students who are studying today is to embrace who you are and be willing to learn from those around you. Network. Everyone you meet is a contact, a connection and potentially a life-long friend. I interviewed my (now) co-worker and fellow NKU grad, Sheree Paolello, back when I was student at NKU for a project. So, chase your dreams, be aggressive about going after what you want. I applied to probably 80 or 90 television stations across the country for my first job and got one offer. Part of that is all thanks to Wes Akers, who is a professor and invaluable friend and connection, at NKU. While I took a pay cut from being a bank teller to use my degree and got paid $11 an hour to be a one-man-band (do it all by yourself) reporter in northern Wisconsin, it was all worth it to get where I am today. This life is a journey and the world is yours to discover. If someone tells you that you aren't qualified or aren't the right fit for one opportunity, push on, and look forward to something else. You can do it. NKU will believe in you and I believe in you."

Sierra Newton

Sierra Newton

Graduating Year: 2020

Education: Major in Journalism & Electronic Media & Broadcasting

Tell us about your current role

"I am a Digital Content Producer for WLEX-TV in Lexington, KY. My day-to-day looks like; finding and writing stories to put on the station website, typing up reporter web stories, posting stories to social media, live streaming events through our LEX 18 app, and cutting clips from the broadcast to put online and on apps like Roku TV."

Co-curricular/Involvement activities in college

"While at NKU I made the most out of every opportunity and became very involved! I started as NKU R.O.C.K.S. Vice President, became a Presidential Ambassador, Black Student Union Secretary, Orientation Leader, 2018 Head Orientation Leader, The Northerner Sports Editor, and a Nu Upsilon Black Women’s Honorary member."

Favorite NKU Memory

"I have many great memories at Northern, but my all-time favorite was one that I haven’t told many people. During my time at NKU, I can honestly say that I somewhat made a name for myself. During the spring semester of my junior year, I received a special text message. It came from an unsaved number, the text was something along the lines of "Hey, I see SGA President flyers posted around campus. How can I vote for you?" It genuinely brought tears to my eyes. I knew I had made an impact on campus but for someone to blindly admit that they’d vote for me as student body president without hearing or seeing my platform meant the world to me. I wasn’t running, so I let them know how to find the candidates, their platforms, and where to vote! (lol). I later found out that the text was from an old childhood friend that ended up at the same college! That message solidified that even though I’m not able to talk to every student/friend I’ve made every single day, that someone is watching you and is influenced by what you do."

Advice for Students

"My advice to students would be to go after that internship, job, and/or organization that scares you! I was scared to write for The Northerner at first because I had never written before but that opened up a world of opportunities and friends. I applied for a job at the Enquirer while I was still finishing school and that opened up a world of possibilities for me.

Just go after opportunities that will lead to growth and more opportunities, even if it makes you a little uncomfortable because you are meant to be there or the opportunity wouldn't have been given to you."

Karen Seidler

Hannah Flynn

Graduating Year: 2018

Education: Majors in Electronic Media & Broadcasting & Communication Studies


"I currently am a A2 at ESPN. I am responsible for the upkeep of microphones and understanding our world wide audio system. I work on studio shows such as SportsCenter, NFL Live, Outside the Lines and many others. As a team we prepare our talent and crew. Along with studio shows it is our responsibility to work with ESPN's world wide audio equipment. We work with productions across the globe to televise sports to our fans."


Experimental Learning

"The opportunities available at NKU helped me develop the skill sets that I started to learn in college. I worked on campus doing NKU sporting events. Many of these events were televised and it was my first live television/sporting experience. The hands-on experience that NKU offers really sets its apart. This also gave me the opportunity to get one-on-one advice from professors who have been in this field. I took an internship at Florence Freedom and started as a Production Assistant at Local 12. Both of these jobs gave me the experience I needed and helped me apply everything I was learning in the classroom. I eventually got promoted at Local 12 and became one of their Master Control Operators."

Favorite NKU Memory

"I have a few favorite NKU memories but the one that sticks out the most would be my study abroad trip to London. I got to be apart of a 2-week study abroad trip with Dr. Yungbluth. Within this communications course we got to experience all sorts of sports. Going to Wimbledon, seeing Arsenal F.C. and Chelsea F.C. stadium, playing netball and countless other memories from that trip will always be something I will remember."

Advice for Students

"The main advice I would give is experience everything. Experience is one of the main aspects of a resume that will make you stand out. NKU has a number of resources that can be used if you take advantage of the moment and continue to find those moments. Professors at NKU are willing to teach you anything they can and its up to students to desire more then what is in the classroom."