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Shauna Reilly

Dr. Shauna Reilly
Founders Hall

Dr. Shauna Reilly joined NKU in Fall 2009 and is currently a Regents’ Professor of Political Science and Assistant Provost for Experiential Learning,

She is originally from Canada where she received her undergraduate degree from Queen's University.  She completed her master’s degree in professional politics and her PhD in American politics at Georgia State University in Atlanta, GA.

Dr. Reilly’s expertise is in American political behavior and direct democracy.  Specifically, much of her research looks at the accessibility of election materials to voters.  She has published eight (plus) books and numerous articles in this area. Find Dr. Reilly's books on Amazon.

Dr. Reilly has worked with student research both in and outside of the classroom and has taught classes in state and local politics, global elections, and political parties and interest groups.

Dr. Reilly's favorite quote is from Lil Wayne, "It's not until we push ourselves to our limits that we realize that we're limitless."