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We must invest in students today to ensure prosperity in our region tomorrow. The time for us to go further, faster is now. Our students are counting on us.


  • Playing for Our Community

    Playing for Our Community

    For Drew McDonald, Northern Kentucky University’s Department of Athletics is a family tradition. His mother, Christie, played Norse basketball; his father, Jeff, played tennis; and his uncle, Bill Aker, was NKU’s celebrated baseball coach between 1971-2000.

  • Making an Impact

    Making an Impact

    After 13 years of working in direct patient care at The Christ Hospital, Kelly Spradling returned to Northern Kentucky University to get her Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing degree in NKU's ABSN program.

  • Taking Education Further

    Taking Education Further

    Parker Kain is hard-working, energetic and passionate about Northern Kentucky University, and he’s made his mark in numerous ways since arriving on campus.

  • Bridging the Way to Student Success

    Bridging the Way to Student Success

    “UCAP saved my life.” Kiyara “Kiki” Robinson delivers this statement with a laugh, but she’s serious about the impact Northern Kentucky University’s University Connect and Persist (UCAP) program has had on her educational experience.

  • Student Scholarships Are Game-Changers

    Student Scholarships Are Game-Changers

    “This is great. How am I going to pay for it?” thought Kayla Combs when she opened her NKU acceptance letter.

  • A “Win-Win-Win” Scenario

    A “Win-Win-Win” Scenario

    Denise Devlin (BFA ’07) has traveled to more than 50 countries and 30 states thanks to her successful career in musical theatre. But some of her most meaningful artistic experiences happened while she was a student at Northern Kentucky University.

  • A First-Generation Immigrant

    A First-Generation Immigrant

    Alma Oñate Muñoz was 8 when she and her family moved from Mexico to the U.S. She spoke no English and learned with flashcards from an elementary school teacher who didn’t speak Spanish.



  • Meet Erin Pittman

    Meet Erin Pittman

    Erin Pittman is a wife, mother of three, a full-time employee and an integrative studies major at Northern Kentucky University.

  • Meet Aluor Nyamor

    Meet Aluor Nyamor

    Aluor Nyamor, a computer information technology major with minors in computer science and information security, is a veteran and student at Northern Kentucky University.

  • Meet Katie Sawvell

    Meet Katie Sawvell

    Katie Sawvell, a biological sciences major with minors in chemistry and neuroscience, is a first-generation student at Northern Kentucky University.

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