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16 KAR 5:030 Proficiency Evaluation allows the College of Education to conduct proficiency evaluations of teacher candidates to receive an initial or additional certification for its approved educator preparation programs. The traditional means of recognizing competency and proficiency for educator preparation is by earning academic credits. This administrative regulation provides an alternate means for recognizing competency and proficiency via previous education, unique work or life experience, or proficiency assessment at a level comparable to the usual requirements in the content area in which the educator is seeking certification. Additional coursework may or may not be required.


NKU Approved Programs:



In order to be considered for proficiency evaluation, a candidate must have:

  • A bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university with a minimum GPA of 2.75 or 3.0 in the last 30 hours completed.
  • Significant relevant life experience or work experience in a school setting in the certification area they are seeking.

After an initial review of the candidate’s experience, the College of Education will determine if it is feasible for the candidate to move forward with the proficiency evaluation process.

Issuance of Proficiency Provisional

If, after a review, a candidate does not fulfill the requirements to be recommended for certification, an Educator Learning Plan (ELP) will be developed. The candidate will then have two (2) years to complete the ELP. A letter will be issued to the candidate stating employment eligibility. Once the candidate receives a validated offer of employment, the candidate must work with the hiring district to submit a CA-TP form to the university, and the university will then submit a recommendation to EPSB for the candidate to receive a Proficiency Provisional Certificate.

Interested in Proficiency Evaluation? 

As a first step in the process, please fill out the below survey. After the initial review of your responses, a representative from NKU will determine if you are a possible candidate for proficiency evaluation and follow up with you within one week with next steps.

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Program Contact Information

Ms. Lesley Webster
Specialist, Graduate Education