NKU's Alternative Dispute Resolution Center (ADR), located in Highland Heights, Kentucky, can provide you with a peaceful way to resolve conflicts and disputes through our mediation and arbitration services.

NKU's Alternative Dispute Resolution Center makes dispute resolution:

  • Quiet and peaceful. Our settings are conducive to solving disputes (public courtrooms are not).
  • Fast!  A speedy resolution awaits you since you will not have to wait for your court case.
  • Facilitated by a neutral third party. We have excellent experienced, trained, professional mediators and arbitrators.
  • Confidential.
  • We can come to you.   
  • Less costly than traditional methods.
    • You will avoid court costs and litigation fees. Mediation and Arbitration fees are minimal.
    • Our people are full time respected faculty members of NKU.
    • Our goal is to make a positive contribution to the community by providing effective conflict resolution utilizing the center's professional mediators and arbitrators.

Contact Information

Kathleen Carnes
Alternative Dispute Resolution Center
(859) 572-7571