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NKU Esports offers exciting opportunities for students at all levels

Whether it’s our competitive varsity program or our NKU Esports Club, you’ll find students engaged in all levels of play. In addition to our programs for players, NKU Esports is engaged in developing classes for students who are interested in making Esports as part of their careers.

At NKU, Esports is more than a game!

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NKU esports keyboard mouse and controller

NKU Esports will be competing in weekly Rocket League tournaments beginning on the first of September and runing through October 20th. NKU Esports will also compete in Valorant, League of Legends, and Overwatch tournaments with schedules soon to be announced. We are excited to highlight the existing NKU Esports Club and Varsity teams, as well as collaborate with units across campus to provide fun and entertaining experiences for NKU community. 


We are excited that NKU will be hosting an Esports Camp in the summer of 2024! This camp is available to all people whether they have been gaming for years or are just getting started. You will have the opportunity to learn about the production process, building a PC, and marketing in the Esports scene.