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This page contains much of the genealogical information I have gathered over the last couple of years. The information was collected by family members and the rest by myself, through the Kenton County Public Library of Covington, KY, the Cincinnati Public Library, and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Family History Library in Pleasant Ridge (Cincinnati, OH).

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My Pedigree Chart

To get an overview of my ancestry, take a look at my pedigree chart (39k). The colors of the boxes in the chart indicate members belonging to the same generation. You'll find me at the far left in the middle of the page. The generations then span out to the right.

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Index of surnames in my records

I keep my family records with a piece of software I purchased several years ago, called Reunion. Using Reunion, I indexed all of the people in my records and have made the index available in full here. You can also jump to a particular letter by clicking your choice below:

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Some Family History

My birth name, DIESMAN, has been particularly difficult to research, as it seems to be an unusual name. It is certainly possible that this spelling is a variation of some other German name, but I've yet to find any hard evidence supporting this. The hightest concentration of Diesmans in the world (except perhaps for Germany, but I'm not sure) is right here in the Northern Kentucky / Southwest Ohio area. I am aware of a few scattered Diesmans in California, Nevada, Texas, Florida, New York, Illinois, and the Netherlands. (actually, I'm not sure how big this group in the Netherlands is)

My mother's maiden name, CROPPER, has been a delight to research, as plenty of family members have information and plenty is to be found in local libraries. The Croppers have been in the United States for much longer than any of my other relatives. To my knowledge, the first Cropper to come to this country was John Cropper, a young Scotsman.

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Register Reports

Register Reports are documents which begin with a specific person and his/her spouse and recursively list the children and children's families for as many generations as you desire. I have so far made two Register Reports, using the two oldest family lines I have in my records. In both instances, I have listed all generations. You may either begin at the top of each report or skip directly to the index, which lists all names occuring in the document.

Henricus DIESMAN -- index -- includes 7 generations (30k)

Thomas CROPPER -- index -- includes 16 generations (88k, wow)

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Genealogical Links

I'm beginning to compile a comprehensive list of good sources for genealogical research on the internet. I will focus on Kentucky/Ohio at first, and later expand.

Kentucky Vital Records Index

Indexes to selected Kentucky Vital Records are available for searching. Kentucky Death Index for 1911-1986. Kentucky Death Index for 1987-1992. Kentucky Marriage Index for 1973-1993. Kentucky Divorce Index for 1973-1993.

Kentcukcy Office of Vital Statistics

Apply for KY birth, death, marriage, and divorce certificates.

The KYGenWeb State Page

Kentucky queries; Submit a Kentucky query for a county (including an unknown county) or read queries posted state wide; Kentucky Biography Project; Kentucky Civil War Page; Civil War links; Kentucky Research helps and links; links to maps, vital stats, etc.

The Ohio Genealogical Society
(thanks to Bill Reagan for the URL)

The Ohio Genealogical Society is the largest state genealogical society in the United States. The Society's research library is open to the public and contains over 15,000 books, including over 4,000 published family histories, county histories, atlases, resource records, research aids, over 1,500 rolls of microfilm, including all Ohio censuses, and the complete International Genealogical Index.

The Ohio Historical Society

The Ohio Historical Society is a nonprofit organization incorporated in 1885 "...to promote a knowledge of archaeology and history, especially in Ohio." Includes the following searchable databases: Civil War Documents, Fundamental Documents of Ohio, Military Rosters, National Register of Historic Places, Listings in Ohio, Ohio Newspapers Catalog, and the Ohio Online Death Certificate Index.

ROOTS-L Home Page

Includes a page entitled United States Resources -- this provides a separate page for each of the fifty states, each of which contains an extensive listing of links to genealogy and history pages; genealogy resources; archives, libraries, and special collections; local history and information; mailing lists; maps and gazetteers; military; societies, historical and genealogical; and vital records. ROOTS-L is currently the first and largest genealogical mailing list: they had over 8000 subscribers in early 1997.

USGenWeb Project


The National Genealogical Society welcomes the new and expanded opportunities to exchange genealogical information through the USGenWeb Project and applauds all those who are working to construct the state and county pages. Eventually, each county in the United States will have a page where a researcher can post queries and request "look-ups" by volunteers in their personal libraries. Most state and some county pages will also have data files of genealogical information.

Afrigeneas Afrigeneas is a mailing list focused on genealogical research and resources in general and on African ancestry in particular. Their web page serves as a focal point for information about African-ancestored families and for pointers to genealogical sources worldwide. Also has a site for their newsletter, The AfriGeneas Newsletter.
Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites on the Internet

Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites
                on the Internet Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites on the Internet - Over 29,050 links, categorized & cross-referenced, in over 90 categories. No kidding.

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