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Who am I? Why am I here?

I'm old enough to remember the political (and SNL parody) source of the above header, which means I've already lived much (much) longer than I thought I would. Hopefully current and former students will mostly agree that who I am and why I am here is to help prepare them for a future in media storytelling. Part of that preparation is through teaching; part through outside projects; part through building the area's media industry; part through social networking; part through mentoring; part through department administration... it all keeps me hopping. You can check out my bio to see my background and experience, but my students are the whole reason I'm here at NKU - well, that and to change the world.


If you're considering a media production degree, that's our passion in EMB. To me, finding the right fit for you - in program size, location, philosophy, opportunity - is the most important thing about choosing a college. And part of choosing a college for media creation depends on (1) how the program fits to your personal outlook on life/art/media, (2) the gear and facilities that the college has to offer, (3) the people with whom you'll be taking classes.

Our program's success has mainly been through #3 - NKU has long had great teachers. That's the university's focus and the whole reason we're here. Recently we've been making great strides with #2 - and we'll be sitting REALLY pretty with the new building gets fully operational in October. Griffin Hall is going to change - in a GREAT way - how we teach media at NKU. We will be able to produce more, for a greater amount of outlets, than ever before. And my hope is that what you find on this site will help you decide on #1 - if what we're doing in EMB@NKU is right for you.

Ultimately, we want to Change the World. We believe the way to do that is to get people to communicate effectively. And the best way to do that? We think it is through audio, video and the web. The world needs effective communicators - people who will bring us together, not pull us apart. We want to help do that on a local, regional and international basis.

Contact me with any questions, thoughts or observations about the program, or schedule an in-person meeting with me. I'm always happy to talk about what we do and why we do it.

Social networking

I blog about professional/media aspects of life at Personal and philospohical postings go to Tao Te Chris. My Twitter name (along with my username for just about every IM program) is ChrisAtNKU. I keep up with students, announce items about the program, and pass along job opportunities and projects through the Facebook EMBatNKU Group. I also have profiles on Facebook and I frequently link updates about the program and other interesting sites. Add me as a friend, follow me, or join the group to keep up with the EMB program. I also run the EMBatNKU community on Blackboard. Current EMB students can look for the community once logged onto the NKU's Blackboard site. If you don't see it there shoot me an e-mail and I'll check make sure you've been added to the community. I look forward to 'seeing' you online and on campus.


In July 2008 we were granted a gift by the university...the control of the campus TV station. Since then we have worked diligently to create a window to and from campus - connecting NKU to the region. NorseMedia is our most immediate (and highly recognized!) method of sharing with our region, and our faculty and students have embraced the challenge of creating engaging, entertaining programming about and from NKU. NorseMedia is integrated into the EMB program, but it is also a distinct entity. We encourage all our students to become engaged with NM - we're all better for it.

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