Ceci n'est pas une pipe (René Magritte, 1926)

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Online Resources
(with considerable thanks to Jack Lynch's Literary Resources--Theory)

Voice of the Shuttle Theory: The best set of links.

Background Materials: Formalist and Structuralist Ideas: Useful background information: short original essays, with suggested readings.

Critical Approaches to Culture, Communications + Hypermedia (Ron Burnett, Emily Carr Institute): A collection of meditations on cultural studies.

Cultural Theory (The English Server): Extensive and searchable collection of resources in theory and cultural studies.

Cultural Studies Center (Sarah Zupko): Extensive site on cultural studies and popular culture, including original essays and links.

ÉCLAT: The Essential Comparative Literature And Theory Site (Michael Strong and Brett Wilson, Penn): Information on Penn's program and links to other comp lit programs and resources.

Guide to Philosophy on the Internet (Suber, Earlham): Extensive list of resources.

HyperLiterature/HyperTheory Homepage (Virginia Tech): Includes a useful bibliography.

Illuminations: The Critical Theory Website (Univ. of Texas at Austin): Learned commentary on the works of the Frankfurt School, including Adorno, Benjamin, Fromm, Horkheimer, Habermas, Marcuse, Aggger, Best, Bronner, and Kellner.

The LitCrit ToolKit: An Introduction to Literary Theory: Arudimentary introduction to several varieties of theory, as applied to the opening of Jane Eyre . Handy for rank beginners.

Literary Theory: A Literary Theory Project (Rice): Large general theory site.

Literary Theory and Criticism: A Bibliography (José Angel García Landa, Universidad de Zaragoza): Very extensive bibliography (without annotations) of English authors and criticism. Many sources are in Spanish. Text only.

Mobilis in Mobili (Mark Nunes, Dekalb): Miscellaneous links.

Manchester Institute for Popular Culture Website: Information on the Institute, including news and events.

Poems, Plays, and Prose: A Guide to the Theory of Literary Genres (Manfred Jahn, Univ. of Cologne): A worthy introduction to genre theory and narratology.

Postmodern Thought (Denver): Extensive and annotated list of resources.

Random Postmodern Essay Generator (Monash): Good for a larf.

Rhetorical and Cultural Studies: Critical Theory (Iowa): A collection of links to articles and sites on major figures in literary and cultural theory.

Semiotics (Denver): Extensive and partially annotated list of links.

Sites of Significance for Semiotics (Pascal Michelucci, Toronto): Good and extensive annotated list of links.

The Society for Critical Exchange (CWRU): Large site with annotated links.

The Wellek Library Lecturer Bibliographies (UC Irvine): Very extensive bibliographies of works by and about major theorists.

Who's Who in Theory (Southern Oregon Univ.): Often flippant guide to major theorists.

Would You Like Sprinkles With That? SWIRL: Theory at Southern Oregon: Your Guide to Post-Millenial Paradigms (Warren Hedges and Lisa Moren, SOU): Miscellaneous collection of cultural studies resources.

www.theory.org.uk: "A website about the realtionship between the mass media and people's identities, genders and everyday lives." Includes bibliographies and original essays. Very flashy and graphics-heavy.

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