Text-nology Idea Jam:
Doing New & Old Things
with Old &New Books

Special Session
Saturday, January 11th
5:15 to 6:20 pm
Chicago H, Chicago Marriott


Tamara F. O’Callaghan (Northern Kentucky University)


William Germano (Cooper Union)
Andrea Harbin (SUNY Cortland)
Clarissa Ai Ling Lee (Duke University)
Katherine M. Ruffin (Wellesley College)
Eleanor Shevlin (West Chester University)
Sarah Werner (Folger Shakespeare Library)

What is an "idea jam"?

An “idea jam” is a highly interactive brainstorming event typically found at un-conferences (i.e. THATCamp). In this format, facilitators quickly propose open-ended questions on a related topic to an audience. Audience members then sit at the table of the facilitator whose question most intrigued them and together brainstorm ideas, concerns, etc. in response to the question for a set period of time. At the end of the session, each table shares the responses to their question with the other groups. The experience is rather like crowd-sourcing in situ, with the audience driving the session under the guidance of the facilitators.

What is the focus of the Text-nology Idea Jam?

This idea jam focuses on the transition from manuscript to print to digital and considers how new technologies could/should (not) change the textual form and reading experience. How did we/do we/will we create an effective text/object for reading that requires deep thought and engagement rather than reading for simple pleasure? And how can we think “outside the box”—or even “outside the book”—in terms of envisioning texts for the future?

The six facilitators (listed above) come from a breadth of historical fields in literary studies and have diverse backgrounds in terms of textual studies. The proposed questions that they will likely pose are as follows:

Everyone is welcome to attend and, more importantly, participate in this highly interactive event. Please bring smart devices, laptops, and lots of enthusiasm!


Revised 13 December 2013
Tamara O'Callaghan
Northern Kentucky University