Dr. Joe Nolan, Ph.D.

     Professor of Statistics

     Director, Burkardt Consulting Center

     Department of Mathematics & Statistics

     Northern Kentucky University

     Nunn Drive - ST 305

     Highland Heights, KY 41099


         "There are 15 important words in the English Language:

          one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, clubs, diamonds,

          hearts, spades, no-trump, double, redouble, and most

          importantly PASS!"


Contact Information

    Phone:  859-572-6301             

    Fax:      859-572-6097            

    Email:   nolanj1@nku.edu

Professional Information

    Curriculum Vitae





Current Courses

   STA 113 (Spring 2023)

   STA 316 (Spring 2023)

   STA 370/470



   Mice Dice Student Handout

         WORD      PDF

   Mice Dice Teacher Guide



Research Interests

   Statistics in Sports

   Statistics Education  


    Applied Statistics (Consulting)  



Fun Stuff


    BridgeBase Online                          (Play bridge online with other people from across the world!)


    American Contract Bridge League      (Masterpoints are far overrated - but the game is fun!)


    Northern Kentucky Duplicate Bridge   (Interested in learning the game?  Let me know!)


    Texas Holdem Card Combinations    



Last Updated 01/01/2023