NAHE Conference

On March 20, Dr. Wallace and seven students left NKU's campus (at the ungodly hour of 6:30 a.m.) to attend the National Association for Humanities Education Conference in Provo, Utah. There they presented a group paper about their class, Melville and the Arts, entitled "Pursuing MOBY-DICK in the Classroom, in the Museum, Back in the Classroom, and Beyond." For a fuller account of that weekend, read Dr. Wallace's version of the event.

Presenters were Robert Wallace, Aaron Zlatkin Lindsay Hixson, Robert Kallmeyer, Kristen Sekowski, Gina Brock, Michael Gallagher, and Bill Fletcher.

Some quotes from the Utah logs....

"I'm so flattered by the response we got from everyone. I really didn't expect that much appreciation." --LH

"I guess that it is good for those in higher education to hear from students once in a while; this had never dawned on me before." --KS

"It was very uplifting to hear the congratulatory accolades." --MG

"Presenting our class and feeling proud and competent in an intellectual setting left me with a unique confidence." --GB

"Our trip to the canyon was beautiful. The steep rocks that we climbed, the caves we found, the trail we walked. . . . This was the perfect setting to get to know your friends." --RK

"I still can't believe that out of a group of honors students I was the only one who thought to bring water on a three-hour mountain hike." --WRF

"After our session was over, all those in attendance continually approached us to express their interest, enthusiasm, and thanks." --RK

"I couldn't believe how everyone responded to us. It made the social functions fun, to be a recognized part of the conference." --GB