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Kermunklin and I welcome you to our homepage. My name is William Ryan Fletcher, and I'll be your host for this evening. This web page is a result of Dr. Robert K. Wallace's English/Honors class entitled "Melville and Other Arts." In the course of the class, we students read Moby Dick and kept logs concerning our thoughts about the novel and the class discussions which followed each reading assignment. We took a trip to Northwestern University near Chicago to view various artists' interpretations of differentthemes in Moby Dick. Perhaps as a result of this trip, all of us students then decided to create our own artwork inspired by Melville's novel. And now one year after the onset of the class, it continues to go on. Some of the things we're doing in this second installment of "Melville and Other Arts" include returning to Chicago, only this time it is to see OUR art exhibit based on Moby Dick, creating more and more artwork inspired by Herman's pet Whale, and reading Mellville's compelling but widely unknown sequel to Moby Dick, Ahab's Adventures Beyond Outer Space, or Interstellar Overdrive. It's basically a buddy story about the enduring friendship of Captain Ahab and Moby Dick in the afterlife, and how they save the universe from a horde of demonic Space Lawyers. Alright, so maybe that last bit about the sequel was a fib, but it would make for an interesting read. On a more realistic note seven of us Moby Students attended a humanities conference in Utah with Dr. Wallace in March of 97. It was all right:).

As part of the original course, each student had to choose one artist from the art exhibit (based, by the way, on Beth Schultz's art text titled Unpainted to the Last, which is a complete history of artworks inspired by the fearsome whale) and write an interpretive essay on the our artist's work. The artist I chose was Gilbert Wilson. His excellent Insanity Series is here on the web, along with my interpretation of each picture. The Insanity Series is a series (duh) of six portraits chronicling Ahab's descent into madness. Also included on this site are a few pictures from the tiny art book that I created for this class, quotes and factoids about Gilbert Wilson, and my slightly overdramatic log entry concerning the trip to the Schultz exhibit in Chicago. Enjoy.

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