Moby and the net
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Our class has worked long and hard to produce a site that would pay tribute to the talent of Herman Melville and the various artists who used his material as the basis for some of their works. This course was led by Prof. Robert Wallace, a man devoted to the enjoyment of literature and accompanying arts. Please take a moment to peruse this site, and I hope that before you leave, you will have a taste for Melville and the arts as well.

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This photo was taken during the Spring 1996 semester; all links point to the work we did that year.

Here's a list of our class (from left to right in the picture):
Aaron Zlatkin, * Lindsay Hixson, * Rob Kallmeyer, * Kristen Sekowski, * Regina Saylor-Dismuke, * Melissa Magner, * Bill Fletcher (Kermunklin), * Michael Gallagher, * Prof. Wallace, * Brian Cruey, * Gina Brock, * Nate DeGroff.

One who could not make it into the picture was Abby Schlachter.

From the Spring 1997 semester:

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If you thought Prof. Wallace was a Herman Melville nut, try linking to this page: the life and works of herman melville
here's a text rendition of some of melville's works inlcuding other 19th century authors: The United States: The Nineteenth Century: Literature
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