George Manning, Professor of Psychology and Business at Northern Kentucky University, is internationally known as a speaker, author of eleven books, and consultant to business, industry and government. His clients include AT&T, AMA, IBM, GE, Marriott, UAW, IRS, US Navy and the National Institutes of Health, among others. George's unique approach and magic for connecting with people includes a blend of humor, interesting facts, and practical applications. His warm, personal style has captivated audiences from coast to coast and from continent to continent. He was selected "Outstanding Professor" at Northern Kentucky University and has received the "Strongest Influence Award" given by the Northern Kentucky Alumni Association.

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George Manning

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Building Community in the Workplace

By developing communications, teamwork, and a one-team attitude, leaders can create a high performance company. More than corporation, the word community describes the character of today's successful work environment. It implies purpose, spirit and human belonging. These are qualities that address basic needs of individuals and groups from the boardroom to the shop floor. 

Helping People Through Change

Business success requires dealing effectively with change. Organizational strategies and individual coping skills are needed to survive the rate and pace of change in today's business world. This program features the importance of attitude and the key characteristics of the hardy personality.

The Art of Caring Leadership

Although management by objectives (MBO) is important, managing by values (MBV) is essential for today's successful leader. At the heart of caring leadership are basic honesty, mutual trust, respect for all people, personal courage, and if all else fails, the caring confrontation. 

The Art of Caring Leadership Intensive

The Art of Caring Leadership Four-Part Series

Organization Planning

Professional Well being

Life, Work and the Pursuit of Balance

Ethics: Fire in a Dark World


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