My message to the Multiple Myeloma listserve, and responses

Here's my original message :
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Sent: Wednesday, June 22, 2005 12:26 AM
Subject: [MM] Bone Marrow donation in loving memory of my father, Cliff Long

Hi folks,
   Just wanted to share something neat: when my dad came down with MM in 1995,
I signed up with the Bone Marrow registry. And while my dad never was
considered for a transplant, and died three years back after a great seven
years post-diagnosis, I've maintained my listing. A few months ago I heard that
I was the best match for a fellow with leukemia. I'm a few days into neupogen
in preparation for a Peripheral Blood Stem Cell Transplant. Thursday I get my
blood centrifuged, so that some guy I don't know will have a better chance at
   It's neat that I'm taking the same drug that my dad did, only in order to
convince my body to slough off stem cells that can be used to try to give
someone else a fresh start. I'm experiencing a little bone pain, as was
expected, and I'm also taking that in stride, realizing that my dad had it much
worse. It's a neat kind of reconnection with my father. 
   I wish that we could have saved my dad, but it's great to get a chance to
give someone else a better shot at life. Keep someone who's getting their
marrow obliterated in your thoughts and prayers, and encourage your friends and
family to sign up with the National Marrow Donor Program:
   The life we save may be your own!
   Best wishes to you all,

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