A farmhouse in rural Idong Township (Pochon County, Kyongi Province), surrounded by rice fields. We stayed here with some friends during the heaviest overnight rainfall in the region in thirty years. This shot was taken as the clouds cleared the next morning. July 2001.
A giant bear guards the mountain pass between Kyongi and Kangwon Provinces, in the northern part of South Korea. February 2001.
The Kangnam district in Seoul. May 2001.
The school bus picking up our son, as seen from his Korean grandmother's apartment window, in the Kangdong district of Seoul. To the right is one of the north gates of Olympic Park. September 2000.
Small restaurants were everywhere in these streets around our apartment. On the far right is one of our "regular" places, specializing in sujebi (a kind of Korean gnocchi). June 2001.
A street in Seoul famous for its ttokbokki, rice pasta served in red paper paste. The sign in the background, although written phonetically in Korean, combines Chinese, Korean and English: "Shindangdong (C) Ttokbokki (K) Town (E)." November 2000.
Anti-globalization protesters in the streets of the Songp'a district of Seoul during the October 2000 ASEM meeting.
Memorial service for the poet Ch'on Sangpyong, in Uijongbu, north of Seoul. A few of his friends and admirers gather here at his gravesite on each anniversary of his death. April 28, 2001.
Freshly caught squid, hanging near the docks of the port city of Todong, on Ullung Island, between Korea and Japan. December 30, 2000.
On Mt.  Puso, near the capital of the ancient Paekche kingdom. November 2000.

At Sogang University

Grad Students At lunch with the grad students in my research group. Standing: Noh Duho, Baek Seungmin. Seated: Kim Shiyon, Yu Seungyon, Song Wonsong. Foreground: Marinated chicken stir-fried with rice pasta, onion, cabbage and red pepper paste. April 2001.
Office View The view facing off-campus from my 10th floor office window in the Engineering Building, looking south into the Map'o district of Seoul with the Han River in the distance. September 2000.
Campus A random snapshot from the west end of campus.

Outside Korea

The Forbidden City in Beijing, on a rainy day in May, 2001.
Signs directing visitors to tea houses, in the Muzha tea plantation district in the mountains surrounding Taipei. Taiwan. June 2001.

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