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Sunday Morning:
Sunrise over the Popocatepetl volcano, as seen from the summit of La Guardia mountain, Tepoztlan.
Sunday Morning:
At the summit of La Guardia mountain.
Sunday Morning:
By the dining hall of Camp Camohmila, Tepoztlan.

Standing: Berenice, Jessica, Kim, Cameron, Adam
Seated: Heather, Tammy, Elizabeth

Sunday Morning:
Freshly whitewashed tree-trunks, Camp Camohmila, Tepoztlan
Sunday Afternoon:
The streets of Tepoztlan.
Sunday Afternoon:
Inside a church in the Iztacalco district of Mexico City. 
Monday Morning:
Children at the Community Development Center, Naucalpan.
Monday Afternoon:
A streetscape in Colonia Zomeyucan, Naucalpan.
Tuesday Afternoon:
Jessica draws a sign for the Naucalpan Kermesse.
Wednesday Morning:
Mary and Kevin at the YMCA University.
Wednesday Afternoon:
The gondola dock at Xochimilco. 
Wednesday Afternoon:
Dancing on a gondola, Xochimilco.
Thursday Morning:
The secretarial English class, Naucalpan Community Development Center.
Thursday Afternoon:
Kevin K., Mike, and the secretarial students sawing fallen trees.
Friday Afternoon:
Colonia Zomeyucan, Naucalpan.
Saturday  Morning:
The kindergarten class of Maestra Alicia Rivera prepares for their Kermesse performance, Naucalpan.
Saturday Afternoon:
Cameron, Haydee, and Kevin A. on the bus to the airport.

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